Lost Mission /// One Less Fish In The Sea /// Lindsey + Cooper, The Heirloom Film

Fate has a funny way of showing itself - especially when you attend an event where you meet your future wife after your mother says “Find a nice, German girl at the festival.” It could be fate, or it could be mother’s intuition. Whatever it is, Lindsey and Cooper were destined to meet that day 12 years ago and “Prost!” their way to a long and happy life together.


Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Lindsey and Cooper became husband and wife on the most perfect spring day at Lost Mission in Spring Branch. Lindsey wore a stunning heirloom ring that had been passed down from her Great-Grandmother and worn by 6 other members of her family.

It was clear that Lindsey and Cooper put much of themselves and their personalities into the decor - from the fish and coastal themed cakes showcasing their love of fishing together to the wine barrel bearing their new names and displaying their love of all things wine and Napa!

One of their closest friends owns a winery in the Napa valley and was the most perfect officiant for Lindsey and Cooper’s ceremony: telling anecdotes and jokes that wonderfully represented Lindsey and Cooper’s relationship and love for life.

Wine flowed and dancing commenced and lasted all night long! Lindsey’s parents gushed over their daughter and new son. Larry Taylor, Lindsey’s father, even mentioned how Cooper knew exactly when to ask for his daughter’s hand: during a fishing trip when the fish were biting extremely well!

Lindsey shared the proposal story with us:

Cooper made us dinner reservations for a nice dinner on a Monday at 5:00pm. I thought that 5pm was a little early to have dinner but I was not going to say anything because I knew this restaurant was popular and hard to get into. Earlier that day he told me that he read on a private scuba diving blog that there was a hammerhead shark spotted at Smith Cove. Needless to say all day Monday he was talking about how he wanted to go to Smith Cove and look for the shark. Ironically, I had just read an article about a hammerhead shark spotted near shore, but the article I read the shark was in Florida. Cooper said that I stumped him when I told him that, so he was scrambling to get the ins and outs of his story to make me still believe him. As we were driving to dinner he asked if we could stop into Smith Cove. We get out of the car and I notice there are tons of swimmers and snorkelers. We are walking around the beach at Smith Cove and Cooper tells me that he wants to get a closer look and wants to walk out on the limestone coral rocks to better see the water. He takes off and turns around and notices that I am still on the beach. He asked me to follow him and I told him I could not walk on the rocks because I had wedge shoes on and I would break my ankle! He tries to convince me, but I am rather stubborn. When I noticed his frustration and him talking between his teeth I took my shoes off and walked out on the sharp rocks. We stood over the water looking for this shark, I turned to look back at the beach and when I turned back to Cooper, he was on one knee!

Lindsey + Cooper,

Once again, getting to know y’all and hearing stories about your amazing adventures was incredibly special to us! We were moved watching you both interact with your family and friends, clearly seeing the love you all share for one another. You’ve truly found your one fish in the sea.


The Mason Jar Films Team

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Lost Mission || https://www.instagram.com/lostmission/

Event Planner: Amber Ehrlich  || https://www.instagram.com/keepers_interiors/

Photographer: Benjamin Garrett Photography  || https://www.instagram.com/benjamingarrett/

Florist: Sam Ehrlich || https://www.instagram.com/keepers_interiors/

Caterer: Don Strange || https://www.instagram.com/donstrangeoftx/

DJ: Bach Sound Productions


Laguna Gloria Romantic Wedding /// #nobodyelskesbutyou /// Marianna + Jimmy, the memory tin

laguna gloria austin wedding 005Today we have another beautiful celebration to share.  It is a story where "love" is the very name of the couple, and it is a story where the acts of love echo through each generation, from grandparent, to parent, to child. Our favorite detail of the couple's story was perhaps the hardest to even see--a delicate charm that hung from the bride's bouquet.  The charm's history was very unique, and almost prophetic:  Before Marianna was even born, her grandfather gave her mother a charm each year that says "I love you" on it, and each year the phrase was etched in a different language.   The reason Marianna carried this particular charm on her wedding data is because it said "I Love You" in Swedish, which happens to be the exact last name of her groom, Jimmy.

Jimmy, that's why there's #NobodyELSKESbutYou for Marianna! :)

Music by Holly Maher and Lights + Motion, licensed through Musicbed.com
The air was fragrant with raindrops as the day unfolded across the foothills of Austin.  Beginning in the bride's childhood home, we next traveled to the wedding ceremony that was occurring in the same sanctuary where the parents of the bride were married. The evening finished with a short burst of sunshine at sunset over Marianna & Jimmy's black-tie garden reception, where the Tuscan-style villa was surrounded by a sprinkle of seashells, macaroons, and exotic taxidermy.  Guests were greeted at cocktail hour by a cheerful mariachi band.  The menus and other portions of the paper suite from the wedding were hand-painted by Marianna's mother, who is a watercolor artist. In these ways, the wedding of Marianna and Jimmy was truly like a journey home.
laguna gloria austin wedding 001 laguna gloria austin wedding 003 laguna gloria austin wedding 004 laguna gloria austin wedding 006 laguna gloria austin wedding 007
 Shakespeare wrote that "that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." Marianna and Jimmy, even if your last name didn't translate to the word "love," we know it is who you are because of the joy we have witnessed between the two of you.   We wish you all the best life has to offer!
Reception Venue:  Laguna Gloria
Officiant:  Charlie Cook
Event Planning:  Brock + Co. Events
Caterer:  Don Strange
Florist:  Westbank Floral
Raj Tent:  Luxe Event Decor
Additional Tents:  Marquee Lighting:  FILO
Band:  Ice House
Mariachi band:  Las Altenas
Ceremony Music:  Barton Strings
Hair:  Laura Wyrtzen
Makeup:  Face Kandy
Cigar Rollers:  Bobalu
Afterparty music:  DJ M
Calligraphy:  Mint + Maple

Garden Wedding at The Argyle House /// Cannot Live Without You /// Hillary + Tom, the sneak peek

Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 12

"I cannot live without this one here."

Hillary and Tom are spunky, thoughtful, and truly top-notch people who are well respected and loved by all who meet them. When they are together, they enjoy spending their time doing crossfit, dancing, laughing, and singing. Their wedding day was filled with so many beautiful and personal touches that revealed their personalities; like showcasing the groom's love of the Seattle Seahawks with SeaHawk knee-socks worn by the bride along with Toms booties. The banquet tables at their reception were decorated with antlers and family heirloom silver teapots. The bride and groom also happen to share a birthday so they decided to plan their wedding for the day before their shared birthday. How fun it will be to celebrate their wedding anniversary and birthdays all in one weekend for years to come!

Personally, we were especially touched by the kind things that the best man had to say about the groom.  It does say a lot about a person's character when men who served alongside him in the military almost a decade ago all make sure to re-unite with him to celebrate this joyous occasion in life.   Hillary and Tom, we hope you have many, many more occasions to celebrate in the years to come.

For now, here's a sneak peek of what you can expect in their full film: [vimeo]https://vimeo.com/125571714[/vimeo]

Soundtrack: "Follow Me Home" by Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes, licensed through MusicBed

Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 13

The Reception

Hillary told us that she and Tom love to dance. In honor of that, they had special drink-savers made for their guests that could be placed over the top of a drink while they were dancing, ensuring that the staff would not clear their drink away while the guest was kicking it up on the dance floor. Hillary and Tom sipped their drinks from specially monogramed silver tankards that added to the aesthetic of their big day. Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 04Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 03 Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 06 Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 07 Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 11

The Proposal

Hillary shared the proposal story with us: "He asked me at one of my favorite places: Brownland Farms in Tennessee.  At a horse show, he got down on one knee shaking. I don't even remember what he said, I just said yes!" Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 14 Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 17 When we asked Hillary what she was most looking forward to about her wedding, she said spending the rest of her life with her best friend…and cake! Their wedding cakes were set side by side at the reception entrance. The bride’s cake was a geometric, asymmetrical masterpiece with flowers cascading down the tiers and topped with the couple’s monogram. The groom’s cake was set with the Seattle Seahawk’s logo and surrounded by individual treats with the number 12 on each one. Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 18 Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 05

Congrats to Hillary & Tom--we can't wait to share your full film with you!

xoxo, The Mason Jar Team

Ceremony Venue: Christ Episcopal Church   510 Belknap Place San Antonio, TX 78212 Tel 210.736.3132 Ceremony Coordinator: Maggie Gillespie Designs Reception Venue: The Argyle   934 Patterson Ave. San Antonio, TX 78209 Photographer:  Jennifer Lindberg Photography Caterer: The Argyle Florist: Maggie Gillespie Designs Band: The Limelight

Rhode Island Kay Chapel Wedding /// To the Moon and Back /// Kristel + Austin, the full film

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 89

"I love you to the moon and back"

Taken from the words of her favorite childhood book, Kristel and Austin felt that this phrase was the best theme for their wedding as a way to express to all of their friends and family the depths of their love.  Austin met Kristel while he was rooming with her twin brother in college.  While he quickly won her heart, their  love was tested through 6 years of long distance relating.  Throughout the wedding weekend, we heard their friends and family repeat a familiar theme as they spoke about Austin and Kristel-- what tied them together through that long journey of courtship was the strength of their love for each other and their love for making the lives of their friends and families better.   As Kristel's brother so poignantly said: finding love isn't like finding $20 on the ground--it takes a thousand acts of bravery and and a thousand victories over the course of time.

Now, that is worth celebrating.   Enjoy their full film below!

[vimeo]https://vimeo.com/106278942[/vimeo] musical soundtrack licensed through The Music Bed or Creative Commons: "Devote" by Monako Davis "Border Blaster (Instrumental)" by Josh Woodward "Love You Strongly" by Amy Stroup "That Kid..." by Chris Zabriskie "Walk in Season" by Kelly Latimore

For this Texan filmmaker, traveling to Rhode Island in the middle of the flaming hot Texas summer was like a ticket to paradise--every blade of grass in Newport was the most vivid shade of green, bunnies roamed unafraid across the lawns of the mansions on Bellevue Avenue, and the quiet roar of the ocean  was so calming as the waves gently kissed the shore and yachts gracefully made their way in and out of the port each morning.  Newport is certainly a perfect location to gather for a celebration!

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 48

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 59Both the rehearsal dinner and reception were held at Castle Hill Inn which faces the sunset.  On the wedding day, #teamrago (lead by Michelle Rago) were out early preparing the reception site, while Kristel and her bridesmaids prepped in an upstairs cottage overlooking both the reception lawn and the harbor.

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 83

With yellow and navy as the guiding colors, a gorgeous and very fragrant assortment of florals graced each table and surface--daisies, sunflowers, hydrangeas, and more!

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 79 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 63 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 73 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 80 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 85 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 86 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 87 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 93

Ringbearer and bridesmaid--joking around just before the ceremony.  The bridesmaids wore classic, navy tea-length a-line dresses with pearls and a beautiful variety of repurposed antique earrings.

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 90

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 69

The reception began on the lawn with fruit-infused specialty lemonade varieties and "dark and stormy" signature Newport cocktails.  Guests were able to play rounds of lawn games like corn hole and croquet, wander to a canopied cigar lounge, sit and listen to a string quartet, and watch the boats as they slid silently across the water.

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 65 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 66 michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 68

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 34

michelle rago destination wedding rhode island stone kelly event photo 95 Kristel and Austin,

Congratulations on this next step in your journey through life together.  You are truly beautiful people with an inspiring story, and we can't wait to see more of the wonderful things you bring to the world with the light of your love.  Here's to many thousands of victories in your future!

love, Mason Jar

Planning & Design: Michelle Rago Destinations Confections & Cake:  Marie Soliday Decor: Stone Kelly Events Music & Entertainers: Vali Entertainment Venue: Castle Hill Inn Wedding Photographer: Brian Dorsey Studios Transportation: Rockstar Limo Wedding Videographer: Mason Jar Films Hotel:  Hotel Viking

Austin Country Club //// High School Sweethearts + Lifetime Loves //// Christine + Blake, the full film

03 Documentary Heirloom.Still025

On a sunny day in early summer, the clouds wandered through the sky as bridesmaids in gold and groomsmen in white tie tuxes gathered around Christine and Blake, high school sweethearts saying their vows after 8 years of dating.  Throughout high school and later as they were attending Texas A&M, their love blossomed.  As the crowd gathered in the sanctuary to witness their promises of love, their officiant, who also is married to his own high school sweetheart, had this to say:

"The up to marrying your high school sweetheart--you know one another so well. you will have known one another's mistakes, but you will also know one  another's first joys and first celebrations.  You have shared your growing up together.....Having a witness of those years in your life, not only of the years past but also years to come, is such a gift--you have someone to share the narration of all your joys...a narrator--and what you'll narrate by word and by action together in this life, we pray is nothing less than love.  On this day, this life, and every year to come."


Chevron sequins in pink and gold, hydrangeas, and mercury glass decked out the tables in the reception designed by Samantha Rosenberg.  The reception was also filled with fun--a stunning & tall tiered floral cake by the Cake Plate for the bride, a Photo Booth provided by Say Cheese, outdoor visiting areas lit with crystal chandeliers in the garden,  and an enormous groom's cake in the shape of a class ring.  It was decorated to be an exact replica of the groom's Texas A&M senior ring, and it really was breathtaking in person--both because of it's sheer size and because of the quality craftsmanship in the decor!

03 Documentary Heirloom.Still008 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still009 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still010 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still011


03 Documentary Heirloom.Still023 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still030 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still031

One of the sweetest moments came when one of Christine's grandmothers went out on the dance floor in her wheelchair and several women in her family and friends gathered round to dance together for a song.  The love on all their faces was so very apparent, and they were all filled with joy.03 Documentary Heirloom.Still035 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still037 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still038 03 Documentary Heirloom.Still039

Christine & Blake,

Thank you for choosing us to film and edit a wedding video of your special day--Blake made us laugh with all of his jokes, and Christine's smile was full of pure joy.  We loved seeing how excited both sets of your parents were, and we were inspired by the love that Mr. Timmerman radiated as he spoke of his approval and love for Blake as a son-in-law.  We join all of your friends in wishing you many happy years together, and most of all, a lifetime full of love.

Venue: Austin Country Club 4408 Long Champ Dr. Austin, TX 78746 Event Planner: Samantha Rosenberg with Samantha Elizabeth Events, LLC Wedding Officiant: Morgan Allen Ceremony Musicians: Arundel Ensemble Wedding Photographer: Jennifer Lindberg Weddings Wedding Videographer: Mason Jar Films Cake & Confections: The Cake Plate Florals: Westbank Flower Market Photo Booth: Say Cheese Rental Linens: La Tavola Rental Chairs: Marquee Rents Event Production: Beth & Shonda with Townsley Designs Transportation:  Austin Classic Limo & Uptown Valet Lighting: Howard Fletcher with FILO Productions Reception Entertainment: Blind Date

Hair: Cassaundra Redman & Sandra Thornhill Makeup: Christy Edlin