Laguna Gloria Romantic Wedding /// #nobodyelskesbutyou /// Marianna + Jimmy, the memory tin

laguna gloria austin wedding 005Today we have another beautiful celebration to share.  It is a story where "love" is the very name of the couple, and it is a story where the acts of love echo through each generation, from grandparent, to parent, to child. Our favorite detail of the couple's story was perhaps the hardest to even see--a delicate charm that hung from the bride's bouquet.  The charm's history was very unique, and almost prophetic:  Before Marianna was even born, her grandfather gave her mother a charm each year that says "I love you" on it, and each year the phrase was etched in a different language.   The reason Marianna carried this particular charm on her wedding data is because it said "I Love You" in Swedish, which happens to be the exact last name of her groom, Jimmy.

Jimmy, that's why there's #NobodyELSKESbutYou for Marianna! :)

Music by Holly Maher and Lights + Motion, licensed through
The air was fragrant with raindrops as the day unfolded across the foothills of Austin.  Beginning in the bride's childhood home, we next traveled to the wedding ceremony that was occurring in the same sanctuary where the parents of the bride were married. The evening finished with a short burst of sunshine at sunset over Marianna & Jimmy's black-tie garden reception, where the Tuscan-style villa was surrounded by a sprinkle of seashells, macaroons, and exotic taxidermy.  Guests were greeted at cocktail hour by a cheerful mariachi band.  The menus and other portions of the paper suite from the wedding were hand-painted by Marianna's mother, who is a watercolor artist. In these ways, the wedding of Marianna and Jimmy was truly like a journey home.
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 Shakespeare wrote that "that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." Marianna and Jimmy, even if your last name didn't translate to the word "love," we know it is who you are because of the joy we have witnessed between the two of you.   We wish you all the best life has to offer!
Reception Venue:  Laguna Gloria
Officiant:  Charlie Cook
Event Planning:  Brock + Co. Events
Caterer:  Don Strange
Florist:  Westbank Floral
Raj Tent:  Luxe Event Decor
Additional Tents:  Marquee Lighting:  FILO
Band:  Ice House
Mariachi band:  Las Altenas
Ceremony Music:  Barton Strings
Hair:  Laura Wyrtzen
Makeup:  Face Kandy
Cigar Rollers:  Bobalu
Afterparty music:  DJ M
Calligraphy:  Mint + Maple