With more than 25 years combined experience, the Mason Jar Films team

is made up of documentary producers with the sensitivity to intuit meaningfulness in every situation




Chris P. Jones lives in Austin with his wife, Beka, affectionately known as "Sweet.”  Inspired by his Mississippi roots, Jones founded the studio in 2001 and named it after the tool his Mamaw employed to preserve her fruits and vegetables.  In the same way, Jones believes that the power of a story can be bottled up and enjoyed for all times, just as fresh as the day it first occurred

When not supervising the day-to-day operations of the company, Jones enjoys traveling the world having adventures, being an uncle to his 4 nieces/nephews, and savoring a tasty meal with family and friends.



Lafe lives in the Austin area with his wife, two children and two Westie dogs. When not creating films that feel like home, Lafe can be found at his own home cooking, playing basketball, and going for neighborhood walks with his family.

He has been working in video production for the past 12 years, filming hundreds of events and productions in that time. What he loves most about working with Mason Jar is being able to witness and document the sacred moments between loved ones on a wedding day. Knowing he is preserving these moments to be relived for a lifetime is a source of great pride.

Lafe oversees productions from start to finish to ensure they exude the beauty and emotion that defines Mason Jar Films. 



Lindsay resides in downtown Austin with her Husband, The Chad, and two French Bulldogs affectionately nicknamed the Pigs. She's a champion of brunch, film noir and travel both domestic and abroad. Her background centers around operations and marketing with a primary focus in the wedding industry.

An advocate for all things social, Lindsay is responsible for communications and strategy at MJF. Her love of film and creating beautiful experiences for clients is what attracted her to Mason Jar Films. She believes in the importance of preserving the special moments that can not be replicated or recaptured in the most alluring medium possible, film.


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Jones recruited Kourtney when she was a film student, and as she held a career as a producer in Dallas and then a teacher in Waco, she kept working for Mason Jar as often as possible.  Kourtney became an editor, then the full time creative director, and under her leadership, Mason Jar further developed its signature style into what it is today.

Currently living in Midland, Kourtney is the proud wife to her husband Adam and the loving mother to her daughters Suzette and Betty.