Lost Mission /// One Less Fish In The Sea /// Lindsey + Cooper, The Heirloom Film

Fate has a funny way of showing itself - especially when you attend an event where you meet your future wife after your mother says “Find a nice, German girl at the festival.” It could be fate, or it could be mother’s intuition. Whatever it is, Lindsey and Cooper were destined to meet that day 12 years ago and “Prost!” their way to a long and happy life together.


Surrounded by their closest friends and family, Lindsey and Cooper became husband and wife on the most perfect spring day at Lost Mission in Spring Branch. Lindsey wore a stunning heirloom ring that had been passed down from her Great-Grandmother and worn by 6 other members of her family.

It was clear that Lindsey and Cooper put much of themselves and their personalities into the decor - from the fish and coastal themed cakes showcasing their love of fishing together to the wine barrel bearing their new names and displaying their love of all things wine and Napa!

One of their closest friends owns a winery in the Napa valley and was the most perfect officiant for Lindsey and Cooper’s ceremony: telling anecdotes and jokes that wonderfully represented Lindsey and Cooper’s relationship and love for life.

Wine flowed and dancing commenced and lasted all night long! Lindsey’s parents gushed over their daughter and new son. Larry Taylor, Lindsey’s father, even mentioned how Cooper knew exactly when to ask for his daughter’s hand: during a fishing trip when the fish were biting extremely well!

Lindsey shared the proposal story with us:

Cooper made us dinner reservations for a nice dinner on a Monday at 5:00pm. I thought that 5pm was a little early to have dinner but I was not going to say anything because I knew this restaurant was popular and hard to get into. Earlier that day he told me that he read on a private scuba diving blog that there was a hammerhead shark spotted at Smith Cove. Needless to say all day Monday he was talking about how he wanted to go to Smith Cove and look for the shark. Ironically, I had just read an article about a hammerhead shark spotted near shore, but the article I read the shark was in Florida. Cooper said that I stumped him when I told him that, so he was scrambling to get the ins and outs of his story to make me still believe him. As we were driving to dinner he asked if we could stop into Smith Cove. We get out of the car and I notice there are tons of swimmers and snorkelers. We are walking around the beach at Smith Cove and Cooper tells me that he wants to get a closer look and wants to walk out on the limestone coral rocks to better see the water. He takes off and turns around and notices that I am still on the beach. He asked me to follow him and I told him I could not walk on the rocks because I had wedge shoes on and I would break my ankle! He tries to convince me, but I am rather stubborn. When I noticed his frustration and him talking between his teeth I took my shoes off and walked out on the sharp rocks. We stood over the water looking for this shark, I turned to look back at the beach and when I turned back to Cooper, he was on one knee!

Lindsey + Cooper,

Once again, getting to know y’all and hearing stories about your amazing adventures was incredibly special to us! We were moved watching you both interact with your family and friends, clearly seeing the love you all share for one another. You’ve truly found your one fish in the sea.


The Mason Jar Films Team

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Lost Mission || https://www.instagram.com/lostmission/

Event Planner: Amber Ehrlich  || https://www.instagram.com/keepers_interiors/

Photographer: Benjamin Garrett Photography  || https://www.instagram.com/benjamingarrett/

Florist: Sam Ehrlich || https://www.instagram.com/keepers_interiors/

Caterer: Don Strange || https://www.instagram.com/donstrangeoftx/

DJ: Bach Sound Productions