Tuscan Destination Wedding at Escondido | Dancing Groom wows Guests

Austin, TX - Escondido


When it comes to planning a wedding, there are no shortage of seemingly infinite details to consider.  From paring down the guest list to building up a song list, the process is never truly over until the bride and groom wake up on a beach somewhere in a different time zone in a daze from all that just transpired.  I can only imagine that on wedding day + 1, the bride and the groom begin to discover and focus on the details of their lives that they have postponed during the engagement process, and begin to imagine the new details of how their lives will look together.

Around the time Whitney contacted me to shoot their wedding video, Gina Whittington from CLINK Events assured me that this wedding would be "epic," and that the details would be so exquisite that there was a good chance that the wedding would be featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style or Martha Stewart Weddings.

I kept Gina's input in mind and instructed the team to get as many eye-candy detail shots as possible.  Establish the rustic wedding location decor, film Whitney's unique wedding dress in the sunlight,  create smooth tracking shots across the wedding rings and the table settings, etc.

b Escondido Clink Events Austin Wedding Video Pic 08 wedding cake white lavender

b Escondido Clink Events Austin Wedding Video Pic 03 engagement ring

 b Escondido Clink Events Austin Wedding Video Pic 06 bride earring 

b Escondido Clink Events Austin Wedding Video Pic 15

Kourtney and Chad got plenty of that which I requested, but also documented this wedding paying particular attention to the fleeting emotional details that come without plan or procedure - the moments that cannot be purchased and aren't carried within the pages of a magazine.

I could hint at some of those details, but I'd rather you enjoy the film and find them for yourselves.  Here's a segment where Geoff wowed the guests by dancing to one of his favorite childhood songs.


Whitney and Geoff, when it came time to pick the detail of who would be your wedding videography team, thank you for choosing Mason Jar Films.  Enjoy!

Escondido Wedding Video screen grab of flower girl

Austin Wedding Video screen grab of bride in unique wedding dress

Austin Wedding Video screen grab of father of bride toast

Austin Wedding Video screen grab of first dance close up


Is your groom this brave? A solo dance performance surprise for the bride at this wedding!


Straight from the Austin wedding video of Whitney and Geoff, enjoy this special clip.

In recent years, it has become quite popular to among couples to fake out the crowd by starting their first dance or their father daughter dance with a more traditionally paced tune, then transitioning into something more saucy to the surprise of the wedding guests.

The first few times this made its way to Youtube, the videos went viral.  But since then, one has to ask one's self, if one wants to shock their family and friends without going too overboard, how can they do it without imitating someone else?  With the prevalence of wedding video online, their friends are certain to recall similar shenanigans and label their latest exploits as a rerun.

Whitney and Geoff obviously thought things through, and in keeping with their unique wedding style, they made a new spin on an old (in internet years) tradition.

So their challenge is not unlike anyone planning their wedding.  How do you make an event all your own when there is truly nothing new under the sun?  How do you make your event memorable without being labeled as an imitator?

As with all great wedding videos, it all comes down to story.  Start with your story, and let the style and the surprises flow from there.

In Geoff's case, begin with a toast from a groomsman, introducing a real, specific occurrence from days of yore, and then bridge that into the funny wedding tradition.

It's more about the journey, not so much the destination.

At your wedding, how did you put your own spin on something that may be familiar from other events, making it memorable in your own way?  Let us know in the comments below.

Austin Wedding Video Screen Grab of Groom Dancing at the Reception