The Houstonian Hotel /// #MiAmorMiVida /// Christina + Sudan, the Locket

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Mi Amor, Mi Vida

Christina and Sudan have the kind of relationship that values both adventures and everyday routines -- they're happy whether they are skiing together in the mountains or lounging around watching Netflix. Christina is kind, faithful, and introspective, while Sudan is outgoing, joy-filled, and optimistic. When we asked what they were most looking forward to on their wedding day, they told us, "celebrating with our friends and family." And celebrate they did.

The dance floor at the reception was never empty! Although the energy at this party was absolutely incredible, we have to admit--the moments that touched our hearts the most occurred mostly behind the scenes, with only a few people there to experience them: the quiet moments. One such moment happened when the bridal party had gathered outside the sanctuary, just after the ceremony, cheering and hugging one another. It was then that Sudan proclaimed to everyone how "Tina looked like Cinderella!" Doesn't every girl want to look like a princess on their wedding day?

Enjoy their film! [vimeo][/vimeo] Musical Soundtrack: Ryan Taubert: "Soul Birds"  and The Echelon Effect: "Your First Light My Eventide" licensed through Musicbed

Their ceremony was held at the Cathedral of St. John in Houston. Christina told us that one of her favorite things about the church is the bell tower and the beautiful music that would be playing from the tower during the day. As candles flickered in the sanctuary before the ceremony, we couldn't help feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the angular architecture and the wooden beams that glowed gold, drawing our eyes toward heaven during the ceremony.

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The reception took place at the Houstonian Hotel in downtown Houston. As the party gained momentum, guests were given all kinds of hilarious props and hats to celebrate "La Hora Loca" on the dance floor. Between the conga line and the limbo, it was a fun, wonderful time, and no one danced more than the bride and groom. Their joy was so expressive and apparent, manifesting in every smile and in every dance step.

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The Proposal:

Christina shared the sweet story of the proposal with us: "Saturday morning, August 23rd. Sudan and I had his kids (Gabriela and Daniel) that weekend. The kids and Sudan woke up early, as did I. Sudan and I planned to go on a walk, and the kids were allegedly going to ride their bikes. They started off ahead of us. Sudan and I walked hand in hand to the lake in his neighborhood. As we crossed a bridge, he pointed out the turtles in the water below on either side of the bridge. I went side to side, peering over the edge at the turtles. He said, "Mi amor." I turned around. He said, "I don't want it to be hypothetical anymore. Would you marry me?" I screamed "Mi viiiiiiida!!!!" The kids came running out from behind the bushes at the end of the bridge, where they had been hiding and filming the whole thing. A very sweet moment."

Ceremony Venue: The Church of St. John the Divine 2450 River Oaks Boulevard Houston, Texas 77098 Ceremony Coordinator: Debra Lazarine Reception Venue: The Houstonian  @thehoustonianhotel Photographer: Philip Thomas Studios Caterer: The Houstonian Florist: Scott McCool/In Bloom Inc. Reception Entertainment: Yelba Hair + Makeup: Ovations Hair Studio 2410 Quenby, Houston, Texas 77005