Christ Episcopal Church Spring Wedding /// Cannot Live Without You /// Hillary + Tom, the full film

 Another unforgettable love story courtesy of Hillary and Tom. From their coordinating Seattle Seahawks socks to their exchange of love notes; written with purposeful misspellings and quirky nicknames, you'll see how truly genuine and hilarious this beautiful couple is and by the end, you'll wish you were friends with them. At the very least, you'll be so moved by the way their friends adore them, that you'll be inspired to become the same kind of loyal, joyful friend to those in your own community. That's one of the greatest things about love--by witnessing it in others, we become inspired to be better people to the ones that we hold dear.



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Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 06 The day began for the ladies at the Argyle House. As their hair and makeup were being expertly styled, the wedding dress hung near a window with the light streaming through the sheer outer layers of the skirt. As everyone admired the dress, Hillary confessed that she tried on nearly 70 dresses before firmly choosing this particular gown from Julian Gold. With sweet tears in her eyes, Hillary's mother showed our cameras a lovely family bridal heirloom. It was hidden on Hillary's new gown in the layers of the skirt---pieces of lace from her own wedding gown from years ago. Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 07 It's hard to say which moment from this film is our favorite since we have quite a few, but one moment our entire team especially loved was the "first look" between Hillary and Tom. As they saw each other for the first time in their wedding attire, it was as if they were truly seeing each other for the first time. They were both overcome with emotion and burst into tears and laughter. It's these true, emotional moments that we love to capture on film. Couples can often spend many months planning their weddings, only to have the day fly by in an instant. We love that we get to preserve the beauty of the details and the beauty of these emotions in a way that allows our clients to re-experience each heartfelt moment for years to come. On some days we compare it to time-travel. Other days, we compare it to magic. Everyday, we are always thankful to help preserve these memories! christ episcopal church 03christ episcopal church 06christ episcopal church 07 christ episcopal church 01 christ episcopal church 02 christ episcopal church 04 christ episcopal church 05 christ episcopal church 08The ceremony was held at Christ Episcopal Church and their officiant remarked that in dating, people often are putting on airs, but Hillary and Tom met when they were "sweaty, dirty, and completely themselves." They met at a Crossfit gym!

Hillary and Tom,

We join your family and friends in congratulating you, and we thank you for allowing us to capture so many fun and sweet details about your love.  May you always continue to be able to be "completely yourselves" in each other's company!

Best Wishes,

the Mason Jar Team

Read more about Hillary and Tom's gorgeous garden-style wedding reception at the Argyle House designed by Maggie Gillespie. Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 17 Texas Argyle House Garden Wedding Maggie Gillespie Planner 05

Ceremony Venue: Christ Episcopal Church   510 Belknap Place San Antonio, TX 78212 Tel 210.736.3132 Ceremony Coordinator: Maggie Gillespie Designs Reception Venue: The Argyle   934 Patterson Ave. San Antonio, TX 78209 Photographer:  Jennifer Lindberg Photography Caterer: The Argyle Florist: Maggie Gillespie Designs Band: The Limelight