Escondido Horseshoe Bay || #JustHooked || Kailey + Travis, the full film

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Driving out to Horseshoe Bay, the developments around the city of Austin begin to fade away to untouched hill country densely covered in trees and low shrubs. There, amidst the deer and the armadillos, the sleepy retreat of Horseshoe Bay emerges as the road rises to meet the lake.   It was in this beautiful hidden garden area of Texas that Kailey and Travis chose to spend their wedding weekend with family and friends.   Pulling away from distractions, focusing on the ones they loved dearly, they gathered at Escondido, which is spanish for "hidden," where they could share their hearts and their love in a joyous celebration.  Enjoy their full film:

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Soundtrack licensed through The Music Bed "Oh My My" by Act As If "Love On The Run" by Kerry Muzzey "Little Bit" by Perrin Lamb "Celeste" by Les Enfants "Just You" by Amy Stroup "Still Here" by Kerry Muzzey

escondido horseshoe bay texas wedding photo 13 Kailey wore her sister's wedding veil for the ceremony. escondido horseshoe bay texas wedding photo 09 The classic getaway car belongs to Kailey's grandfather and was outfitted with a special backplate for the occasion that read "Just Hooked!"

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We owe a big thank you to many people -- to Kailey and Travis for allowing us to create this heirloom film for them, to Kailey's father for allowing us to film him while he worked on something as important as his wedding speech, to Kailey's mother for telling us where he had hidden himself to write the speech, to Cristen Meehan and the entire design team and vendors who worked with Kennedy Weddings for creating such a gorgeous setting.  Lastly, we want to thank Kailey and Travis' family and friends for opening your hearts and letting your joy overflow--these are the moments and images that will stand as testimony to the beauty of Kailey and Travis' love --not just through our film, but through your love and support toward them as they journey through the rest of their days together.  We wish you all much joy and many great games of golf.

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Escondido Golf & Lake Club Event Design, & Consulting: Kennedy Weddings, Cristen Meehan Venue, Catering & Beverage: Kelly Aldridge Wedding Photographer:  Don Dickson Photography Lighting: Ilios, Wade Ratliff Reception Band: Ice House Lounge/Decor & Florist: Events In Bloom, Rob Smith Bakery: Simon Lee Bakery

Musical track licensed through The Music Bed