Houston Wedding Video | Montesito Ranch - Sarah & Colby

Montesito Ranch wedding screen grab from Houston wedding video

I don't know if you've heard, but here in Texas, it's kinda dry. Ok, that may be the understatement of the year. It's tinderbox dust bowl drought spittin' cotton kinda dry.

At about 2 p.m. Saturday, I stood on the porch of the Montesito ranch, listening to Jan, the lady of the ranch and mother of the bride. "You see those trees off in the distance? I had to explain to some of our northern visitors that they aren't turning orange because autumn has come."

I ventured on down to the stables to chat with the foreman Carlos as he washed off the Polaris for Sarah and Colby's getaway.  "Are those storm clouds rolling in,"  I asked.  "I hope so," he responded without blinking an eye.

You know it's dire when the foreman doesn't mind it raining on his boss' daughter's outdoor wedding, scheduled to begin in about an hour.  Perhaps he was just wishing good luck upon the couple as the superstition purports.

Either way, he got his wish. 45 minutes before the wedding, shortly before guests were to arrive, I wouldn't say that the bottom fell out, but it wasn't holding on by more than a few threads.

Rather than putting a damper on things, the rain seemed to bring life to the setting, much like it does with flora and fauna in a desert-scape that hasn't seen precipitation in months.  Smiling guests began to arrive in their Sunday finest; then out walked a band of handsome, polished soldiers and a coterie of beautiful bridesmaids...and then last, but not least, a radiant bride look resplendent in her unique wedding dress.

As the ceremony progressed, the sun peeked through the clouds with magic hour hues, casting a golden glow under the tent across all the beautiful creation as if God himself wanted to spotlight his handiwork and let everyone see that it is good.

And good only got better from there on out.

Sarah and Colby, thanks for having us out to film your wedding video.  We look forward to telling your story, and letting it act as water and life to others.

<screen grabs from the Houston wedding video>

Montesito Ranch Horses as seen in the wedding video

Wedding cake as shot by Austin wedding videographer

Unique engagement ring shot captured from the Austin wedding videographer

Wedding Video shot of Mrs. Smith coat hanger

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