Maly's Story, and Bay Area Recommendations

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I love this town. I could spend the summers here if not move here entirely. It's that wonderful. I wake up and it's 50 degrees out and I feel no need to hit the snooze. I'm ready to go.

Had to get moving this morning because the street sweeper was scheduled to scrub the curb where I was parked from 9-11 a.m., so I headed on over to the Haight with a bagful of dirty clothes hoping to do some laundry before my morning appointment. Fortune found me, as a laundry was three doors down from the Reverie coffee shop, and a parking spot opened for me like a drop of sunshine through the fog.

I had breakfast with San Francisco based destination photographer Ben Chrisman. Ben was voted as the Wedding Photojournalist of the Year in 2007, and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Huy Nguyen's Foundation Workshop in February of this year. If you are a San Francisco bride (or beyond) and need one of the world's most creative photographers, contact Ben - he'll take care of you.

The Bay Area offers a plethora of outdoor activities, so I ventured on over to the Golden Gate Bridge to take a little walk and soak up some sea.

If you're looking for the zenith of views of the city, continue past the overlook to the next exit and head to the Marin Headlands. You'll drive up winding roads and have your choice of lookout points, but I recommend that you wait until you get to the last respite where the tunnel is just ahead. The view is spectacular, and the fog practically rolls over you as you gaze upon the city below.


After winding my way back down to the 101, I decided to continue north to the Muir Woods.


For $5, you can hike all you want on trails that wind through one of the largest (if not the largest) Redwood preserves in the United States. It is truly a breathtaking display of wonder the Ewoks guarded it so vigorously.


Redwoods are approximately 2" across and 250' high



walking among giants


tree hugging - a rite of passage in California

Heading back into the city over the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll have to pay a $5 toll, not required when leaving the city. Always keep a pocketful of bills on ya when driving around the Bay Area.

Tonight I was blessed to be served dinner by a couple of past clients, Marianne and Ryan Esposto, who hired me to produce this documentary on Marianne's mother for her mother's extravagant birthday party last year:




Marianne is a certified French chef and owner of L'Atelier, trained at the Cordon Bleu Academy in Paris, and she always serves up a magnificent feast. Even little Lucas wanted a piece of the fellowship:




My point is this - The lady Margarita, featured at 18:02 in the film, passed away last month. Her expressions of her friendship and congratulations to Maly are made all the more poignant by the inability to hear such words from her in person anymore.

So for the videojournalists reading this, take great pride in what you do, for the value is eternal. And for those who hire videojournalists to document their lives - the value of the work produced is an inherent investment, so take care of the souls that do such an act of service for you.

It's been an amazing day - it hurts to leave tomorrow! But I'll not go without some fresh oysters, so stay tuned for that recommendation once I land back in Texas.