Bay Area Recommendations, Fresh Fish!!!


It is with great sadness that I leave this town and all it’s splendor.  But in order to ease my pain, I stopped by the Swan Oyster Depot for a late seafood breakfast.

Swan is a legendary establishment in the city, one of those slices of life that seem preserved from a time long gone.  Just walk in and sit down at the counter and the friendly staff will strike up a conversation and send a bowl of fresh clam chowder your way.


can they make it any better in Boston?

The salmon plate is $17.50 and half a dozen oysters will run you $12.00, but if you want to sample a variety of the mouth watering delicacies displayed in the window, they’re happy to give you half orders of each. 



You can never arrive too early (before 11 unless you like multi-hour waits), and it’s never to early to have a fresh Anchor Steam.  They only take cash, so load up your wallet beforehand.  You can park outside and feed the meter ($0.25 = 10 minutes), or if you are cheap (like me) and need a little cardio, the neighborhoods two blocks to the west have free curbside parking IF you can find a spot.