Park Cities Baptist | "Love Like Wine" Laura + John

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Laura & John met by chance, despite how many years their friends had been trying to get them together.  They are both people who don't proceed in life without a clear vision for what lies ahead, and inevitably, they knew almost immediately that they were going to be drawn toward each other forever.  The overwhelming support for this relationship from such a large community of friends and family is one of our favorite things to see, and at this wedding, they had it in abundance.

We are sharing with you our favorite moments from their full wedding film--moments of tenderness, and moments of sheer joy.  With stunning performances from their friends at their wedding, and the live band at the reception, Laura & John's wedding will not soon be forgotten by those who had the pleasure to attend.


It was truly a red-carpet worthy Dallas wedding video, and it's time to pass out awards.

Laura and John have quite a story, and their wedding guests were more than happy to contribute to telling that story at the rehearsal dinner.  Each guest had their own little bit and piece, and woven together, we found these stories to serve as a wonderful narrative thread throughout their wedding video.

So we have to thank everyone involved at the rehearsal dinner for playing their part in this wedding film.  It wouldn't be quite the same without you!  If you gave a rehearsal dinner toast, you get the first award.

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 John's parents had this handkerchief embroidered for Laura with a message of their love plus her new monogram & the wedding date. What a kind present to receive from your in-laws on your wedding day--especially thoughtful for the embroidery to be a "something blue" for a bride to carry.

The 2nd award goes to Dallas Event Planners DFW Events for keeping the trains running on time.  There were a lot of moving parts to make this wedding take place, and Mary Frances Hurt, Anna Staples, and many more executed the plan to perfection.

The Grammy Award goes to Think Big and the Bulletproof Brass band.  They keep getting better year after year. Every band member could have their own solo gig where they are the featured performer, but they come together to form this supergroup that knows how to keep a party going.

Let me take a moment to praise Union Station as a wedding venue.  The (Wolfgang Puck) catering is top notch, the facilities are gorgeous, and the staff knows how to get keep you fed and watered all night long.

Park Cities Baptist Church is also gorgeous--roman columns, hand-painted scripture on the vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and stained glass.  It also has a nice wide stage to accommodate larger wedding parties.

And last but not least, thank you to John and Laura.  You represent the ideals that we hope to have in every client.  While we may document your story, you are the ones that make us look good!

If this documentary inspires you to choose a Dallas Wedding Videographer, then we would be more than happy to serve your wedding videography needs.

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 Laura, the bride, sent this card to John on the wedding day with the exact locations on earth where they were born and where they met, and on the other side it had the location where they got married.

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White floral Wreaths on the church doors with buttercream ribbons, by DFW events      

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