We're Honored



Greetings y'all,

I'm hanging out in sunny Orlando, Florida at the Video '08 conference getting my learn-on and presenting a seminar on hip music choices for event video.

I've been keeping a secret for a while, and I'm proud to finally be allowed to announce that Mason Jar has been voted one of the 25 "hottest and most influential studios in the industry today."  Click here to download the article.

While they only put my mug on the company baseball card (below) there are two others who should be squeezed in for their contributions:  Kourtney Schopper and Chance Harris (pictured below at their own 2007 weddings) for their exquisite shooting and editing in producing all the work that you enjoy on this site.  Thank y'all for making this business what it is today!




Thank you to all the voters within the industry for bestowing this honor unto us.