Rustic Sonoma wedding | Michelle & Jens, the full film

Bridesmaid dresses captured from Sonoma wedding video
The heart has its reasons, that reason ignores completely - Blaise Pascal via Marianna Esposto

Believe it or not, I've spent years waiting for Michelle to get married so I could be the one to shoot her wedding video. Ever since I created the tribute film for her mother, Maly, back in 2007, I have had it in the back of my mind that this was not my last film project for the Depres family.

Michelle's sister, Marianne, kept me posted in subsequent months on Michelle's relational status.  When Marianne would contact me regarding her latest ideas for developing a cooking show (Trained at the Cordon Bleu, Marianne once operated L'Atelier catering - now she has an Empanada truck), she would remark that Michelle's relational status was still cooking.

In the years that followed, Michelle recommended me to create wedding videos for many of her friends, but I was never able to serve any of them. Besides, I kept pining away for get married that is, so that I could return the to Bay Area (preferably during our summer) to get to work with her amazing family, and, ironically enough, to get to meet her legendary mother, the subject of the tribute film I created so many years before.

I had almost given up hope, but then earlier this year, I heard it through the wine-country grape vine that the time had come.

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Why rush a good thing?  As Marianne presents in her matron of honor toast - Michelle "is a romantic, but she takes her time.  She is methodical in everything she does."

The timing was right for Jens as well.  After conducting a thorough "international search," he finally found his lady.

Michelle and Jens, thanks for flying me out to Sonoma to be your wedding videographer.  

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