Escondido Golf and Lake Club /// #YetiPearl2015 /// Ferrell + Jason, the Locket


There’s so much to say about this colorful TexMex wedding set in the Austin hillcountry—the bride and groom were the life of the party, the dancing was out of this world—and the cocktail hour featured sombrero-clad beer burros— that’s right—we said that small donkeys wearing sombreros served the alcohol.


Ferrell describes Jason as loyal, adventurous, and her soul mate. Jason said that he loves that Ferrell is funky, fun and sincere...and that three words are just not enough to describe her! They love to travel, watch football, cook, and listen to music. Because their favorite bands include Band of Horses and the National, we specifically tailored the soundtrack to their film to reflect the spirit and the style of those bands.


Known to their friends as the “yeti” and “the pearl,” these fun-loving Austinites chose to celebrate their wedding with a visual motif as bold as their joy. Much of Austin’s iconic look is filled with art, nature, and the bright colors of the Hispanic heritage of Texas. Guests were given maracas at the wedding ceremony and told to “shake responsibly.” The flowergirls wore traditional hand-embroidered sundresses from Mexico, and strands of paper-cut banners hung from every rooftop and tentpole.




 The Proposal: How it happened....

Ferrell and Jason won us over immediately when they told us that one of their favorite traditions as a couple is the quiet time they share in the morning drinking coffee, making breakfast, and reading the news. Jason proposed on the morning of Christmas Eve while they were having coffee. As they told us the story of the proposal, they had us laughing as Jason described how excited and surprised Ferrell was as she looked at the ring. Finally he had to ask her again, “so is that a yes?” They spent the day with both sides of their family, drinking champagne and celebrating the exciting news.

Ferrell and Jason told us, “we are most looking forward to Getting married and sharing this special occasion with all of our friends and family that mean so much to us. They have all been on this crazy life journey with us and we just want to let our hair down and celebrate our love for each other and have an absolute blast!”

Ferrell and Jason, Your passionate joy is inspiring, and the way you treasure the small moments in life (like morning coffee time) is a beautiful picture of how marriage will take you on a journey full of big moments and small. We hope life brings you as much delight as you share in one another. Truly, The Mason Jar Team

Reception - Escondido
Rentals - Whim & Marquee (tent) @whimhospitality @marqueeatx
Floral - Wendee Sawran @eventdesigner
Photographer - Cory Ryan @coryryanphotography
Coordinator - Brock and Co. @brockandcoevents
Cake - Simon Lee @simonleebakery
Lighting - FILO