Dallas Union Station || The Gift of Another Sister || Ann + Andrew, the full film

The opening shots of this film really highlight the beauty of First United Methodist Church Dallas.  Nestled into the heart of urbanite downtown Dallas,  The bell-filled steeple juts into the skyline with gothic-influenced mini-spires at each corner.   Inside, the green and golden stained glass windows create a warm glow for the golden organ that fills the entire sanctuary. This is where Ann and Andrew chose to have their wedding ceremony.  

first united methodist  dallas wedding video pic05

While Jones had communicated with the couple before the wedding, I met Ann just as she was putting the finishing touches on her gown and jewelry.   Although she was calm and quiet while she put her earrings on in just the company of her mother, her hilarious personality immediately peeked through as she paraded out into the room where her bridesmaids sat.  They began to cheer as they saw her in her wedding gown for the first time, and Ann, without missing a beat, began to smile and wave like a debutant or queen, graciously greeting each one of them in an imaginary parade right there in the room.  It was so funny.  From that moment I knew that while that night would be emotional (as all weddings are), it would also be an evening filled with humor, kindness,  and the kind of family goofiness that makes kids say "ta-dah!" when they show their parents what they've done.

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If you didn't read our post with Ann & Andrew's preview, you need to know how the couple met.  In college, Ann became best friends with Andrew's sister, and everytime Andrew's sister would return home from the dorms she told her brother, "you have to meet my new friend, she is just like you."  What a fairy-tale, to have a best friend become your family member. 

While the night was filled with cheerful toasts, and hilarious dance moves, certain moments really stick out in my mind:

Andrew's brother gave a toast thanking Andrew for bringing Ann into their lives, bringing "the gift of another sister."

Ann and Andrew had a surprise birthday cake for Ann's mom, and had the entire crowd sing happy birthday to her!

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Ann's dad not only blessed Andrew as a part of their family, but he told Ann that no one could have ever been a better daughter than what she'd been.

...and that, my dear friends and readers, is why we love making wedding films.  These are the moments of  your life, carefully captured and lovingly pressed for you into an artistic video, so that you can enjoy those looks, the sounds, and the kindest words from your dearest loved ones over and over and over again.

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Ann & Andrew, it was truly a treat to watch your family enjoy themselves on such an important day.  Thanks for choosing us as your dallas wedding videographer!

-kourtney amelia


Ceremony: First United Methodist Church, Dallas
Reception: Union Station
Event Planner: Caroline Fair, Caroline Events
Photographer: Lauren Larsen
Reception Entertainment: Professor D
Floral: Garden Gate
Cake: Jackie Spratt
Dress: Stanley Korshak
Lighting: Beyond