Wynne and Stephen Redux

Wynne and Stephen are a couple of my fav's.  Above you will find a short version of their wedding documentary.  They were married in November 2006, and their wedding is still the talk of the town - literally!!!   MOB Debbe e-mailed me today to let me know that:

"Wynne and Stephen were in Waco for the Baylor game last week and afterwards they went out...Wynne told me that over the course of the night, two of her friends that she had not seen in awhile came up to her and said that they had been watching her wedding video recently!!!!"

So I thought I'd make it easier for everyone searching for where I've tucked it online.  Watch the full length documentary below:


Wedding Planner: Kay Watson
Reception: Horseshoe Bay Resort
Photographer: Huy, f8 Studio
Floral: Coby Neal
Reception Lighting: Ilios
Reception Entertainment: Project Band