Super 8 Film: A Vintage Wedding Movie | "You Add to His Life" - Mara + James, part 1 of 2

Filmed by Chris P. Jones
Edited by Kourtney Amelia Schopper

Your wedding day is both something you look forward to, enjoy the experience, and remember with great fondness.  Personally, I recommend that you try to approach all three phases surrounding your wedding with the same level of care and consideration that you give to the actual wedding day experience.  That being said, the ways you plan to help yourself remember the day are truly important.  Whether that is through tokens and gifts that you exchange on a wedding day or your wedding film and photography, it is important for you to be true to yourself and select things that reflect you as a couple. 

If you're looking for a unique idea for your wedding video, maybe you should consider having it documented on actual FILM. There are several choices that filmmakers like us can offer to you--from 8mm, super 8, to 16mm, the images will take your breath away.  My goodness! No matter how long we have been filming on Super 8 film, I am always amazed at the beauty of the images we get back from the developers.   This video is beautiful! (I can get away with bragging about the footage because I didn't film it, Jones did.)   We love the look of film--we always have.   It gives both a rustic and timeless quality to a wedding film--a vintage style that can't be replaced.   Film handles light differently and more organically than the way that digital cameras do, and because of that, the quality of the moving images is always breathtaking and surprising.

Super8 Vintage 8mm Film Wedding Video Pic 08

If you're not familiar with super8,  the process is simple, but different than digital filmmaking: with digital, we have all the footage that instant--which is what allows us to do fun things like same-day-edit films on site at a wedding.  But film takes time.  After we come and film with you on your day, the film has to be processed at a developer (just like the old days!), who then digitizes it at the highest quality so that we can put together a video that has the true look and feel of film, but doesn't require you to own a projector. Win-win. 

Another bonus that you'll have over your parents 1960s film is that we can record audio during your day and sync it up--so you still get to hear your vows, toasts, and other moments that matter to you.  Win-win-win.  So, if what you like is the vintage look and the feel of film,  this is for you!

Super8 Vintage 8mm Film Wedding Video Pic 09

Super8 Vintage 8mm Film Wedding Video Pic 06

The couple left in a sparkler exit.  Make sure to watch this moment in the video---sparklers produce a really cool effect on film.

Super8 Vintage 8mm Film Wedding Video Pic 13

Some couples are best reflected in an energetic, fast-paced HD video, and others in a reflective, personal film on super8 film, and still more enjoy a mixture of both. We do our best as filmmakers to honor your personality and your community in the artistic style that we edit your film, but the format and style in which we actually film your wedding are up to you in many respects--you only need to share your vision with us.

-kourtney amelia