Heather and Mike, Intro

All the while I was shooting Heather and Mike's wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, I kept wondering, "am I really here?"  It seemed like a dream.  Not just because of the beautiful beach location, but because of all the familiar people.

Heather is the talent behind Eclectic Images in Austin, and she is one amazing photographer...for that reason, it meant alot to be chosen by her to document her wedding to Mike.

I had not Mike before, only read about him in Heather's engagement post, but I gathered that he was going to be the life of the party!  Friendly, loyal, generous...I knew it in a moment.

But it's hard to be the life of the party when surrounded by Heather's friends, many of whom happen to be immensely talented photographers as well.  While Gia Pham was the official photographer, Ashley Garmon, Stacy Sodolak, Jennifer Lindberg, and Diana M. Lott couldn't resist breaking out their cameras.  You can see Gia's official pics here, along with Stacy's pics, Diana's pics, Jennifer's pics, and Ashley's pics.

As you can see, Heather is as fabulous in front of the camera as she is behind it!

Ashley also took some great photos of Gia's adorable daughter Evie.  If you aren't smiling after looking at those, you aren't alive.

Gina from [clink] events performed the ceremony - as a wedding planner, she has the proper licensing just in case the officiant doesn't show up!

Heather put us up in the Playa Palms, and while I wanted to spend the rest of my life in my balcony hammock that overlooked the ocean, the crew was able to rescue me from my cave to go and eat in a cave - yes, this restaurant is built into an underground cavern.

Also enjoyed some Mayan cuisine Saturday before the wedding.  Tasty and cheap!

Heather and Mike, it is truly an honor to be your pick.  Thanks for the love!


Hair and Makeup: Mandy Hernandez
Photography: Gia Pham
Event Planner/Officiant: Gina Whittington