Backing up your DVD's

One of my brides contacted me this week and asked how to make backup dvd's for her own safekeeping.

Since I don't make much (or any) money on duplicating dvd's, I have no problem with my brides making copies of their dvd's - as a matter of fact, I encourage it.  It saves me time, and it puts my work in the hands of those who can spread the good word about what I do.

Copying a dvd is very simple on a Macintosh computer, and I've made you a screen grab video to show you how.

I'm sorry to PC users because I don't know the specifics of the procedures described in the following video tailored to your situation.  Actually, I do, there's just one extra step:

(1) Find a friend with a Mac or buy one yourself :->, then follow the procedures in the video below.

Enjoy, and happy archiving.