A Wedding in Hobbiton

Ok, I've been up for about 24 hours straight, but I just had to show you a bit of this amazing location where I will be shooting tomorrow.  It is literally in the middle of a redwood forest by a small pond with beautiful foliage all around.  I expect fairies to come flitting out tomorrow evening as Kristen* makes her grand entrance.

This is the view from the altar, looking up into the canopy:


There is also, I do promise, an earthen hobbit-house to the left of these trees.  I'll take a pic tomorrow.

Being a friend of the bride, I get to partake in the celebration a bit more, being a full fledged diner at the rehearsal dinner.  Dozens of guests gathered at Tapestry to eat, drink, and toast.  Here is my salad:


and my dessert, a peach pie:


And here's the happy couple, Kristen* and Todd, as they get regaled by one of K*'s brothers.


It has truly been a spirited evening, and I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.