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Choose What’s Right for You

Each wedding is unique,  so pick the type of film that you will most enjoy.  You have options with Mason Jar Films — just let us know how long of a film you’d like, & we will take care of the rest.  Every film we produce (no matter the length) follows our signature story-telling style:  designed to help you remember not just the way things looked, but they way they sounded and felt. Want a more vintage feel for your film? Let us know if 8mm film would be right for you.



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The Best Team To Trust

The award-winning commercial production team at Mason Jar Films has been producing quality video content in Texas for over a decade, & they’ve been voted in the top 25 teams in the world by other filmmakers 4 years in a row. They’ve worked together for 11 years, so their team-work process is almost second-nature to breathing.  Between Chris P. Jones’ quick wit and Kourtney Amelia’s eye for emotional moments, you’ll love their cinematic approach to telling your story.


Watch.  Cry.  Laugh.  Rewind.

  • " What a BEAUTIFUL video!  I know Kellye and Dustin are going to love this.  It really captured their love and playfulness.  It really was a beautiful day, and I'm so glad you were able to highlight so many of the special details that took months to shape.  Thanks again! ...so great to work with you both. Cheers!Lee Anne Jackson Event Planner, Tara Wilson Events, 2013

  • "Chris, We are truly honored  to have you and Kourtney capture our special day.  We just watched the preview and we're blown away! We love it, you are an amazing videographer and we are excited to see the final result.Kelcee & Andrew bride and groom, 2013

  • "Oh my gosh! We absolutely LOVE it! We were both in here crying!!
    Mary Ellen K. bride, 2013
  • "WOW, LOVED the video!! Thank you so much for all of y'all's hard work! Jason and I watched the video last night and enjoyed it a lot....I'm so glad that Jason hired y'all! I just cannot express enough how much we loved the film!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!”

    Kacy R. bride, 2013
  • "So fun to re-live it again.  I can't recommend Mason Jar Films enough!! They were an absolute breeze to work with and their videos are so personal and touching.Jackie M. bride, 2013

  • "Chris P. Jones has been featured a number of times on Style Me Pretty and we can’t tell you how much we love him and his work."

    Eddye McLucas Editor, Style Me Pretty
  • "I just love Mason Jar. They produce the most amazing videos. As I tell everyone I meet, I almost always end up with tears in my eyes after watching their videos and I don't even know the bride or groom. I'm a wedding planner in Miami, and Mason Jar would be the only people I'd trust to do my wedding."

    Robin P. 2010 bride
  • "The incredibly talented cinematographer, Jones, over at Mason Jar Films, sent me this absolutely gorgeous video clip of a wedding that he shot in New Orleans….I must admit that I was actually brought to tears."

    Abby Larson editor and founder of Style Me Pretty
  • "We are blown away from the video clip! We have loved viewing it over and over and are in awe of your talent and attention to detail. Y'all have truly captured the magic from our wedding in the most personal way! Thank you so much for your artistry and visual insight....the video is OVER THE TOP and it something that we will treasure for a lifetime. We are blown away!!  Kourtney and Chris, your talent is immeasurable.  My parents and I feel so fortunate to have had someone of your caliber capture our special day.  "Meredith + Anson bride + groom, 2014
  • "Michelle and I both LOVE the way the video turned out - just watched it again!"Brittney R. event planner, Michelle Rago Destination Weddings
  • "Wow. Let me tell you... We just watched this from our iPad sitting by the beach in Thailand. We both were full of tears of joy. Not bc we are in Thailand, but because you brought us back to the happiest day of our lives. You did such a great job of capturing the emotion of the experience in just 3 minutes... Thank you!"Samantha bride, 2014
  • "We have watched it about a thousand times on your website!!! We LOVE it!! Thank you so much for coming and capturing our special day!!Kailey + Travis bride and groom, 2014
  • "Wow! If that's the sneak peek video... We are in for some fun! Thank you!!!Hillary bride, 2015
  • "Dear Chris and Kourtney, AWESOME,AWESOME, AWESOME. I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH. Much Love, Tricia
    Tricia mother of the bride, 2015
  • "Hi Chris,
    Cody and I both just got home and watched the video together. It is great, so so perfect! It couldn't be a better one month anniversary for us. I love how you used my dad's speech, combined with our vows. And the parallel of The Father of the Bride movie with us walking down the aisle is so cute! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!!
    Stephanie bride, 2015
  • "
    Well I think that I have officially watched it at least 20 times....every bit of it is absolutely perfect. From the sweet moments between Jason and I, to the epic ribbon wand dance party, to the sheer sadness that I felt when it was over... and ALLLL of the giggles...ohh the giggles, every part was just perfect. I just cannot even begin to tell you how much it means to me....It truly embodied every single emotion that I felt that day. And the music...wow..it is perfect!!! It just brings tears of happiness to know that you were able to capture every single smile, giggle, terrible dance move, laughter...i will cherish it forever and will probably watch at least 50 more times tonight. Thank you again.
    Ferrell bride, 2015
  • "
    We just watched it and we absolutely loved it!!! You guys, as requested, did a great job of capturing the entire night and we are so thankful. I love that you included my dad's toast and you really captured the "really big party" really well! We also loved the music choices. ... I'm so grateful for what you all put together.
    Many many thanks again for perfectly capturing our special day.
    Megan bride, 2015

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Mason Jar Films: custom wedding videos that tell real stories. Hand-crafted by award-winning team in Austin, TX