New Orleans Super 8 Wedding Film Preview at St. Louis Cathedral


My French is a little bit rusty, but let me try.  "Je suis finis!"  Or is it "J'ai finis!"  Either way, C'est ne vrai, but it is almost time to ship Somesha and Olivier's super 8 wedding film to France.

In the meantime, enjoy the preview from this New Orleans wedding!

And to all of their friends in France, to answer the burning question in your mind, "yes, I will travel for you to shoot your wedding video."


2nd Line: New Wave Brass Band
Photographer: Chris Williams, Zoeica Images
Ceremony: St. Louis Cathedral
Reception: Restaurant Galvez
Catering: Joel's
Reception Entertainment #1: Storyville Stompers
Reception Entertainment #2: Pierre Pichon Trio
Reception Entertainment #3: John Boutte and Leroy Jones
Reception Entertainment #4: Treme Brass Band