Margaret and Erich, intro

Margaret's mother Lydia called me last week at the last second and booked me.

Lydia's cousin Jackie had recently converted their childhood super8 films to dvd, and watching those films was an amazing experience for her - Subsequently, she had realized the power of the motion picture.   

When Lydia called, she related this to me so she was determined not to let her daughter's wedding go by without having it documented well for her children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Fast forward to Saturday - I greeted the couple a few hours before kickoff - actually, I saw Erich's groom's cake before I met the man.  With an original Star Wars X-Wing Fighter perched atop the chocolatey confection, I knew that I would like the guy!

Years ago, Erich first encountered Margaret when he filled in for a co-worker to scout her out for a job.  I don't know if she got the position, but judging by the events of Saturday night, the interview went quite well.

There was plenty of emotion on display - thank you Lydia for bringing me in to document this important occasion!


Ceremony and Reception: The Belo Mansion
Photographers: Scott and Tem Photography
Master of Ceremonies/Entertainment: DJ David Allen
Floral: Dr. Delphinium