Kourtney Dearest

So what do I do when I get a weekend off and am not filming a wedding? I attend them!

It's nice to be able to sit back and soak in a great celebration without having to be concerned about getting all the right shots.

And it's especially wonderful when one of those getting married is one of my regular shooters!

Kourtney and Adam were married Saturday in Abilene at the historic Paramount Theater. Totally vintage themed in West Texas.

Prior to the ceremony, as guests were being seated, they were treated to on-screen trivia that helped them know the couple and the wedding party a little better:

After the ceremony, to keep the guests in their seats while the couple took pics, the ushers came back in and distributed popcorn while we screened a 15 minute documentary that they produced about their lives. Very engaging!

Kourtney has been filming with me since she was a sophomore in college, and much of this business' success is due to her artistic eye. But beyond being super talented, she has the most wonderful spirit, and wherever she is, goodness abounds.

Thank you Kourtney for all your fantastic work over the years, and congrats to you and Adam as you begin your lives together!