Jilted - the Anti-Bridal

(photo by John Michael Cooper)

While in Vegas a few weeks back, motion-picture-making chum-of-mine Darrell Aubert and I put together a shoot for Event DV magazine . The challenge - find a model who was willing to get in a wedding dress, convince her to go out on the town, get her really dirty, and build a story around her actions.

So we met up with rock star photographer John Michael Cooper who is widely considered to be the Godfather of the Trash the Dress movement. Performing what he coined "anti-bridal sessions" as an optional service to his brides (post wedding), JMC unexpectedly inspired photographers across the world to have their clients pose in their wedding dresses in the most unlikely of places.

Trashing the Dress has become such a trend that it has been featured in this New York Times article as well as on Good Morning America.

Darrell called up Event DV editor-in-chief Stephen Nathans to pitch an article dealing with dress trashing sessions as a filmmaking opportunity for event videographers. For the purpose of garnering press and establishing one's business as the cutting edge service provider in their local market, the video pro can find no hotter opportunity.

The fine folks @ Spectra Film and Video were kind enough to donate Ektachrome 100D Super8 film for the shoot. Having about 4 rolls (10 minutes & 40 seconds), I had to budget my shots verrrrrrry carefully.

Darrell and I were inventing a storyline on the fly, and after I had spent most of my first roll, the 2nd model, who was oh so vital to the film, called in to tell us not to expect her participation.


So we got out of the 106 degree for a few moments, regrouped in our Bally's hotel room, hopped into the Hummer H3, and headed out of town to a dry lake bed. The story came to us, and at the end of the day, I had a few frames left to spare...

...and as you can tell from the film below, the lake bed wasn't entirely dry:

Interested to know how y'all interpret the film. Unpack all the symbolism - tell me what actually happened. You have plenty of space in the comments box below.


(photo by John Michael Cooper)