Houston 16mm Wedding Clip at the Corinthian



In case you didn't know (and who wouldn't?), I'm a fan of old school hip hop.  Run DMC, LL Cool J, The Fat Boys, etc.  I can trace this obsession to 4th grade, when my best bud Wardell Sullivan lent me Run DMC's eponymous album.  The next year, I tried my darndest to find a way to see Krush Groove at a theater near me, but despite my efforts, I was about 8 years too young to get inside.

So you could imagine my (rapper's) delight @ Rakel and Markcus' Houston Wedding reception when the DJ starting mixing from some of my favorite artists.  If you're not dancing along as you watch the clip above, you need to get some funk in your trunk.

We kicked it old school ourselves with some vintage 16mm wedding film coverage.

Event Planner: Lauren Thompson-Swarts, The Master Plan
Photographer: Brooks Whittington
Ceremony and Reception: The Corinthian
Entertainment: Def Jam Blaster
Accommodations: Hotel Icon

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