Ellen and Clay, Gig 'em!

If you've never been to a Texas A&M football game, you're missing one of the greatest college football traditions, hands down.  With Midnight Practice a day or two before every game, students rehearse their 'yells' to be in sync during the game with a robustness and vigor heretofore only heard during international soccer matches.

For Texas A&M weddings, the night will not end before they get their yell leaders rounded up, perform a few, and belt out the Aggie War Hymn.  For the lyrics, click here and sing along!


Ceremony: St. Joseph's Downtown Church
Reception: Southwest School of Art and Craft
Photography: Greg Blomberg
Event Planner: Maria Morgan, Wedding Planners, Inc
Reception Band: Blind Date
Floral: Jennifer Wascher, Natural Journey Florist
Catering: The RK Group
Bridal Gown/Veil:  Warren Barron, Dallas
Linens: Cover That Up!
Reception Lighting: AVTech Support
Invitations: Invitations, Etc.