Ellen and Clay, The History

When Mrs. Hoelscher first called me last year, she said that her daughter, Ellen, and her fiancee, Clay, had an amazing historical connection, and that both of their families went wayyyyy back.  You would think they were one family already with the way they connected with one another and were good to one another on that mild May day in San Antonio.

Ellen and mother were eager to share lots of details regarding their story and the significance of their choices for the wedding.  Enjoy this 7 part series throughout the month of August!


Ceremony: St. Joseph's Downtown Church
Reception: Southwest School of Art and Craft
Photography: Greg Blomberg
Event Planner: Maria Morgan, Wedding Planners, Inc
Reception Band: Blind Date
Floral: Jennifer Wascher, Natural Journey Florist
Catering: The RK Group
Bridal Gown/Veil:  Warren Barron, Dallas
Linens: Cover That Up!
Reception Lighting: AVTech Support
Invitations: Invitations, Etc.