Ellen and Clay, Intro

Ellen and Clay were married recently at St. Joseph's Downtown Church in San Antonio.  Kourtney reported to me that she "had never seen two families that love each other as much as these do."  Apparently, they go wayyyyyy back - there's a story there, and you'll see that fleshed out in later editions.

I always love a Texas A&M wedding - There was a big group of Aggies whooping it up at the reception, leading some yells and having some fun that you can only see in Texas.

Ellen and Clay (and Natalie), thanks for bringing us down to share in the unification of your wonderful families!


Ceremony: St. Joseph's Downtown Church
Reception: Southwest School of Art and Craft
Photography: Greg Blomberg
Event Planner: Maria Morgan, Wedding Planners, Inc
Reception Band: Blind Date
Floral: Jennifer Wascher, Natural Journey Florist
Catering: The RK Group
Bridal Gown/Veil:  Warren Barron, Dallas
Linens: Cover That Up!
Reception Lighting: AVTech Support
Invitations: Invitations, Etc.