Austin Super8 Wedding at Villa Antonia: Brianna and Matt

Super 8 Wedding screengrab of bride Brianna

[vimeo width="450" height="300"]708006[/vimeo]


How much have I shown of Brianna and Matt's super 8 wedding video? Not enough!  In creating their super8 wedding film, I am reminded how lucky I am to be able to do wedding videos for couples that really understand the importance of documenting the emotion of their wedding event.

If all my friends were as cool as Brianna and Matt, then I would wonder why they had a friend like me!  I trust that their personality will show through in their super8 wedding film.

The final film is 30 minutes, and here's how it closes, with heartfelt toasts from throughout the rehearsal dinner and reception. In creating a super 8 wedding video, one has to record sound separately, so in crafting the final super 8 wedding film, in order to stay true to the nostalgic feel of the film, I have to use sound bytes judiciously.

It was hard to be selective, though, with the genuine toasts and emotional vows that were delivered throughout the weekend.  Matt's dad delivered this rehearsal dinner toast at Cool River Cafe, and with the timbre of his voice and his flawless delivery, I imagine that he must be a professional speaker.

Brianna and Matt's are such a hip and kind couple.  I hope to show you more bits and pieces of their lovely super8 wedding in the weeks to come.


Location: Villa Antonia
Photographer: Eclectic Images, Heather Mabry
Jazz Vocalist: Lynn Ross