A-dressing the Crowd

Ashley and Vijai had both Hindu and Christian ceremonies during the same afternoon.  How does a couple pack all that activity into a matter of a few hours?  Well, first you've gotta be pretty awesome can-do type yourself.

But equally as important is to get a great event planner, and Denise Silverman from Soiree always delivers the goods.

Don't you love Ashley's dress...it was her 2nd of the day, and she's surely enjoying it.  No rush. 

Moral of this story - brides, hire a planner.  They're worth every penny.  You will enjoy your wedding exponentially more.


Rehearsal Dinner: The Old Pecan Street Cafe
Ceremony and Reception: 4 Seasons, Austin
Event Planner: Denise Silverman, Soiree
Photographer: Diana M. Lott
Entertainment: Dysfunkshun Junkshun
Floral: Coby Neal, the Flower Studio