All That Jazz


I'm in New Orleans for the next few days documenting a huge wedding event for a wonderfully friendly couple.

We kicked off the festivities with a Crawfish (boil) at the brother of the bride's house, then photographer Stephen Karlisch and I went to the French Quarter to get some shots to give a sense of place.

We ran across this wonderful jazz band, and I thought you might like to enjoy their talent as well.

Coincidentally, @ 47 seconds into the clip, the groom (blue shirt, hand on head), appeared out of nowhere and walks through the scene.  This random encounter led to many more adventures, and perhaps I'll have the time to share them with you someday.


Event Design: Van Wyck & Van Wyck
Bridesmaid's Luncheon: Galatoire's
Rehearsal Dinner: Arnaud's
Photographer: Stephen Karlisch
Entertainment: Jimmy Church Band