Barton Creek Resort Wedding - Was it Love at First sight? - Leslie and Andy


When I first met with Leslie about shooting her wedding video, she expressed that she might be a little be a little hesitant to be on camera.  The more the attention could be deflected away from her, the better.  And please please please....nothing staged.

Her mother, Kay, was quick to regale me with stories of the family and friends who would be in attendance and of whom I should take notice.  She whipped out her mobile phone and shuffled through the pictures,  pausing long enough to give me the pertinent details of the personalities.

"Here's my youngest son.  He went to Texas Christian University and has a lot of personality.  You really need to focus a camera on him."

"Here's my older son - he was married at The Breakers in Palm Beach and their reception band also played for one of Paul McCartney's weddings."

"Here are my dogs."

I felt certain that I wouldn't be lacking for characters in the documentary.  I also sensed that Leslie, whether she knew it or not, was making a request that lend to a more accurate reflection of how a wedding story should be told.  A wedding is not about what happened to two people on one day; rather, it's about all the people, who, in their big ways and small ways, have played role in shaping these two people and their union.

It is a celebration of the good in all of them, represented in the union of the two of them.

And from we experienced Saturday night, there's a whole lot of good there.

Leslie and Andy, thanks for letting us document the goodness of your Austin wedding.

Mazel Tov!

Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Moore, Something to Celebrate
Venue: Barton Creek Resort and Spa
Floral: David Kurio Designs
Photographer: Stacy Cross
Music Agent: Emerald Entertainment
Ceremony Music: High Island Hepcats
Officiant: Dennis Prager
Reception Music: Collector's Item
Linens: BBJ
Chairs: Marquee Rents
Lighting: Ilios
Photobooth: Say Cheese
Hair: Pamela Donnellan
Makeup: Maris Malone Calderon
Rehearsal Dinner: The Salt Lick YUM! Texas BBQ!

<click here to see dozens of their amazing official photos by Stacy Cross.  below are screen grabs
from their Austin wedding video>

Leslie's Unique wedding dress screen grab from her wedding video

Leslie and Andy's wedding rings screen grab from the wedding video

The chuppah was created by Austin florist David Kurio Designs, screen grab from their wedding video

gorgeous champagne gold pink and crystal tutera style decor

Ilios lighting made the wedding video look good for the first dance

Thanks for choosing us as your Austin wedding videographer!