New Additions

Typically, I do not put personal information on my business website, but I just wanted to give you the opportunity to say 'hi' to Oliver Everett Jones:

Ok, go ahead and say 'hello.'


Go ahead, he's waiting on you.


Go ahead.


Ok, he's getting a little anxious.


Oh, now you've done it!


Better call in Uncle Chris!!!


All better now. Now I can hand you back to your parents.


Oliver Everett Jones, son of Jeremy and Christie Jones, born Sunday August 19th @ 2 somethin' and weighing 7 somethin' @ Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas.

Oliver is my maternal grandfather's middle name, and Everett is Christie's maternal grandfather's middle name. Oliver's proud grandparents (the parents of Jeremy and yours truly) shown below:

Congrats to Jeremy and Christie. We're gonna have some fun days ahead with the little fella.