Houston Backyard Wedding || Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After || MaryEllen + Rob, the full film

November 20, 2013

The romance!  The dogs!  The Art!  Get ready for a sweet film. Rob waited a long time to find MaryEllen–in fact, he gave his bride a ring on the wedding day with a diamond for each decade that he waited for her. Between Rob’s sweet romantic gestures, MaryEllen’s stunning beauty, their flower girls’ antics, and the ways they incorporated their love for art and for their dogs into their wedding day, their story is sure to make you smile.

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When we arrived at MaryEllen’s Crown Plaza hotel room, photographer Taylor Lord was also just arriving to document the day.  We’ve worked with Taylor before, and she’s always great to work alongside.  Edric’s crew from Vanity Lounge was already in the midst of styling MaryEllen’s hair and makeup.  Her flower girls scampered about like little fairies, bringing delight with each sparkle in their eye and each grin.  Meanwhile, at the house, the bartenders, chef, and waitstaff were already prepping a food course that just to describe will make your mouth water–including bite size smoked sausage with spiced poached apple, potato truffle waffle duck confit, tomato water shooters with buffalo mozzarella and basil foam, bacon wrapped jalapeño, and quail with sweet potato hash (and that’s not even half of the hors d’ oeuvres list).  Mouth watering yet?  

The dessert table towered with a variety of cookies and cakes, including cookies designed to look like Gracie and Barcley, the furry pups that are owned by MaryEllen & Rob.  As the flower girls marveled at the dog-shaped cookies, adult guests were able to enjoy signature cocktail drinks named after Gracie and Barcley. 

Seated on wooden pews in the backyard, friends and family gathered together all dressed in cream and buttery soft hues to celebrate the happiness of the bride and groom.

Gracie and Barcley looking dapper and sitting patiently for portraits after the wedding.

This white wedding cake by ‘Who Made the Cake’ has frills for days, and peonies to match.

 Custom water-color style script signage by Houston creative studio Papellerie beckoned guests to leave their mark on the large oil painting being created at the wedding reception. The bride commissioned the groom’s favorite artist (Taft McWhorter) to create an oil painting on site at the wedding, and it was an awesome surprise gift for the groom.

The bride and groom have already collected several pieces of Taft McWhorter’s abstract work, including a large typographical style painting with the lyrics to one of their favorite songs by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors.  It seemed to make perfect sense to us that we had to license that particular song for  MaryEllen & Rob’s wedding film once we saw what a beautiful vision its lyrics were casting for their home.  (P.S. Fun Fact about our crew: both Jones and Kourtney Amelia got to participate in the filming of Drew Holcomb’s music video for “The Wine We Drink” in Jan 2012 through a workshop with The Music Bed.  We love that band!)    The lyrics say:

If I had a great big mansion
I’d rather live in a shot gun shack with you If I drove a red ferrari
I’d rather ride in an oldsmobile with you If I won a million dollars
I’d give it away to spend more time with you If I had a million lovers
I would trade ’em all for just one more night with you With you I can be myself
With you I don’t have to be somebody else
It’s like putting on my favorite pair of shoes
I like to be me when I’m with you

Their officiant told the couple during the ceremony:  “The bible says, ‘you saw me before I was born, every day of my life was recorded in your book, every moment was laid out before a single day has passed.”  The ceremony is over in a few moments, but what really matters is the lifetime that you’re going to spend together.”  

We couldn’t agree more!  Congratulations to MaryEllen & Rob, and thank you for choosing us to create an heirloom artwork to help you remember each moment of your very special day for a lifetime.


Venue: Private Houston Home
Coordination:   Paul Pritzen with Keely Thorne Events
Photographer:  Taylor Lord
Caterer:  The Forest Club
Baker:  Who Made The Cake
Florist & Stylist:  Events In Bloom
Stationery & Signage:  Papellerie
Supply:  Aztec Events & Tents
Rentals:  Swift + Company
Valet:  First Impressions Valet
Pianist: Hank Taylor
String Quartet: Chamber Music Unlimited
Oil Artist: Taft McWhorter
Caricature Art:  Satirical Effect Caricature Co. 

“Nirvana”  by Chris Zabriskie chriszabriskie.com
Licensed by CC-BY-3.0

“I Like To Be With Me When I’m With You”  by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Used through licensing by The Music Bed  themusicbed.com  

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About the author: Kourtney Amelia
A Baylor University graduate and former producer / Art Director for independent films, Kourtney has been learning story-telling and editing techniques from Jones since 2003. Her previous productions have been distributed in book stores, online, and won festival awards. She currently resides in Austin and enjoys watercolor painting, playing piano, and anything art nouveau.


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