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Austin Ranch Wedding /// #StarksOfSomethingGreat /// Jessica + Alex, the Memory Tin

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." And now, Mason Jar - with a twist! This exciting wedding film is a slight departure from our classic laid-back and relaxed pace of filmmaking. When Jessica and Alex chose us to create their film, they challenged us to create a wedding film for them that would capture the fast-paced, pumped up excitement of their wedding day. Of course, discovering that the bride's favorite movie is Moulin Rouge was a joy for us to hear -- Baz Luhrmann is definitely one of our artistic influences! So although the pace of this film is more upbeat than some of our others, at its core, this is a story of two people who love each other fiercely, and that is what inspires us most. As Alex says in his personal vows to Jessica under the pergola at his father's ranch, “The gravity of this moment isn't lost on me." What else could we feel but inspired as we watch Jessica profess her love of her groom's creative mind...as we watch uncles stand in the cathedral aisle to honor the bride's deceased father…we watch Alex and his groomsmen joyfully serenade the bride during the reception? See it for yourself -- but grab a tissue first! Music by:  The Rival and Ryan Taubert;  licensed through MusicBed.com As the bride got ready on her wedding day, the bridesmaids could see the sun rising over the Austin city skyline from their balcony. Jessica chose to wear a diamond necklace of her grandmother’s as well as carry her grandmother's bible down the aisle in addition to her bouquet. The bridal party was surrounded by beautiful children, including one sweet infant flower girl who slept as she was carried down the aisle during the ceremony! The reception took place at the groom's family ranch. Guests played lawn games as they arrived and enjoyed live music while they mingled under string lights and a pine tree canopy. After portraits, the crowd gathered at a lakeside pergola to watch Jessica and Alex exchange beautiful personal vows. The party continued late into the night under a transparent tent allowing everyone to gaze at the stars and watch some surprise fireworks!  The Proposal: How it happened.... "It happened on the 4th of July on the 4 year anniversary of when he first made a move (we were friends up to that point). I saw the ring box in his pocket and had to wait hours pretending not to be freaking out on the inside. ” Jessica and Alex, After creating your wedding video, we are amazed by the strength of your commitment -- both to one another and to your creative growth. Years from now as you sit down to watch this film, we hope that you are reminded of the foundation you set here in these places you treasure-- your church and your family land. We hope the memory of these moments will encourage you and guide you in your adventures together forevermore. Truly, the Mason Jar Team Coordinator: Something To Celebrate Jessica Moore  @something_to_celebrate Church: St. Mary Cathedral  Venue: Private Estate Caterer: Primizie @primiziecatering Cake: Simon Lee Bakery @simonleebakery Florist: Last Petal Floral Studio @lastpetalfloralstudio Photographer: Jenny DeMarco Photography @jennydemarcoweddings Videographer: Mason Jar Films Recep/cocktail hr Music: Buzz & the Blue Cats  Afterparty music: Altared Weddings  @altared_weddings Lighting: ILIOS Lighting @ilios_lighting Transportation: Transportation Consultants Comfort Station: First Class Rentals Cigar Roller: Bobalu Cigar Co.  @bobalucigars Hair1: Pearl Hair & Make-up Studio Hair2: Adore Makeup Salon @adoremakeupsalon Rentals/Tent: Marquee Event Group @marqueeatx

Bullock Texas State History Museum /// Let True North Lead You /// Emily + Keith

Sometimes our clients come to us with love stories that may have been a year in the making. Or seven years in the making....or even a lifetime, like in the case of several childhood-sweetheart weddings we have filmed. However, the love story we are about to share with you today is extremely unique: it began even before the bride and groom were born. As Emily and Keith were planning their wedding, they discovered their families had been good friends and had run in the same circles for generations--one example being that Keith now works in the same place that Emily's grandfather had worked for 30 years. Keith's mother grew up next door to Emily's great-grandmother. A family heirloom that had been gifted from Emily's family to Keith's family many years ago stood in the entrance to the reception as a physical symbol of how "God had a hand” in their love story all along. Their officiant, Jon Dansby, said it best when he said that “What it really means is that God is writing Emily and Keith a special story, for his glory and for their joy." Please enjoy their wedding video--filmed at UBC and the Bullock Texas State History Museum. It is truly a wedding celebrating the heritage, legacy, and faith in God that brought this couple together. Did you like the music? Be sure to check out the soundtrack artists whose music was licensed for this wedding video through MusicBed: Humming House "Say I Do" Future of Forestry "You" (piano and strings version) Andrew Belle "All Those Pretty Lights" Benjamin Dunn "Sweetest Thing" Emily took special care to make sure that her guests would enjoy all the serendipitous details that brought the couple together. The ceremony site, UBC, was chosen for of two reasons: it was where the groom was baptized as well as where Emily's grandparents were married in 1947. The bride placed her grandmother's wedding dress and photos from that 1947 wedding at the entrance to the UBC sanctuary. The bridesmaids wore sparkling gold gowns and the flower girls donned flower crowns but nothing was more radiant than the bride in a pair of Kendra Scott earrings. Guests gathered for the reception at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. They danced the night away surrounded by marble walls engraved with famous quotes professing love for the state of Texas. The couple danced their first dance in front of a two-story granite wall chiseled with the most perfect Barbara Jordan quote: "I get from the soil and spirit of Texas the feeling that there are no limits." With the way their story has begun, we truly believe that there are no limits for this special couple. Emily and Keith, Thank you for allowing us to create your wedding video.   We love that the city of Austin has been such a special place for  your families, and we look forward to hearing how your story will continue in the years to come.  We wish you all the best! xoxo, the Mason Jar Team Prep Venue // AT&T Center – 1900 University Ave Austin // Ceremony // University Baptist Church – 2130 Guadalupe St Austin // Reception // Bob Bullock Texas History Museum – 1800 N. Congress Ave Austin   // @bullockmuseum Coordinator // Eclipse Event Co. //  @eclipseeventco Catering // Rosemary’s Catering //  @therkgroup TX Pro DJ // Barrington Miles //  @texasprodj Floral // HEB Blooms //  @heb Cakes // Sweet Treets Bakery //  @sweettreetsbakery Photography // Caitlin McWeeney //

Texas Hill Country || #WeddedWoodards || Hailey + Ryan, the full film

"I knew that no matter what happened, I'd be marrying him."  This Texas wedding is full to the brim with joy and with hearty, throw-back-your-head-and-laugh moments----but beyond the jokes of state and sports rivalry (we heard many cries of "boomer, sooners" and "hook em, horns!"), stories of mis-adventures with a cactus, a cornucopia of exotic animals (well hello, zedonks, camels, and kangaroos!), and a troupe of dancing, singing bridesmaids who make the bride's day seem like a scene in a musical, this love story is a model of what it means to appreciate true beauty. The beauty of this wedding story lies in more than just the serene Texas hill country landscape--it is found in the tender moments of appreciation--as the bride and groom reflect on their hand-written letters from each other, as Ryan cries when Hailey walks down the aisle, and even late after midnight as they both hug Hailey's parents good night, thanking them for the beautiful evening and joking about hiding extra breakfast tacos in the fridge and who ate the most hot-dogs. The beauty of this story is also in the family legacy of doting grandparents, and the deep and abiding adoration of siblings who also happen to be the bride and groom's dearest friends.   So take a seat, grab a tissue, and press play.  Oh, and watch out for the moment when Hailey's grandfather gets in the biggest prank of the day: Soundtrack: "Your First Light My Eventide" by The Echelon Effect "Say I do" by Humming House "Book Ends" by Adam Agin, member of the band Neulore "Fallin' For You" by Seth Philpott (with Texas ties--he's a Baylor University grad!) "I Like to be With Me When I'm With You" by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors Hailey's "first look" with her father was such a sweet moment----her, an anxious bride, wringing her hands as she waited to see him, and he, a first-time father-of-the-bride, overcome so much by his daughter's beauty that he could hardly speak above a whisper once he saw her.  We thought they were so precious, and so we featured this thoughtful little tie that she had made for her dad in our Father's Day celebration video compilation that was featured on Style Me Pretty.   To Hailey and Ryan, and all of their sweet, sweet family members--Thank you for allowing us to create a wedding video for you that you will treasure.  Thank you for being such a beautiful example of laughter, love, and camaraderie.   We were so grateful to work alongside such happy, helpful, and talented vendors, too: Ceremony & Reception Venue: Private Estate in Kerrville, TX Event Design, Florist, & Day/Reception Coordinator: Tricia Hamil, Viridian Design Ceremony Coordinator: Sherry Wright Wedding Photographer:  Brooke Schwab Photography Photo Booth: Smilebooth Lighting: Ilios Caterer: Don Strange of Texas Reception Band: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (from DFW) with Absolute Entertainment Lounge/Decor Rentals: Aztec Bride's Shoes: Prada All Musical track licensed through The Music Bed

Texas Hill Country || #WeddedWoodards || Hailey + Ryan, the intro

"This was her favorite place."  At the end of their wedding reception, I rode with the bride and groom in their Jeep to the Lake House where they would gather around a campfire eating breakfast tacos with friends late into the night.  As the sparklers faded into the distance, Ryan decided we should take a short detour first and instead drive over to the ceremony location for one last look at the arbor where he and Hailey Catherine had exchanged vows earlier that evening.  As I filmed them dancing under the rustic arbor covered in pink roses, they started to talk about what would inspire a couple from Oklahoma to bring almost 500 of their friends and family to a secluded canyon-side lake in the foothills of Texas.    The answer lies in the bride's middle name.  Whether it's fate or chance, Hailey Catherine grew up to be considered by many to be a carbon copy of her grandmother Catherine, who she was named for.  Catherine and her husband have owned this ranch for many decades, and although she has passed away, her love for this lake with its sweet little island is what prompted Hailey and Ryan to make their own vows of eternal devotion in this very spot.  They chose to do so not only because it was Catherine's favorite place, but also because of what Catherine said to Hailey before she passed away almost five years earlier. Soundtrack: "Your First Light My Eventide" by The Echelon Effect We have been looking forward to filming this wedding ever since we first spoke with Hailey several months ago.   Ryan describes Hailey as "outgoing, sincere, and beautiful."  When we asked Hailey for three words that describe Ryan, she said he was "handsome, passionate, genuine, and intelligent" before joking with us that she can't count or prioritize.  We adored their spunky, fun personalities, and couldn't wait til this weekend arrived.   Hailey wrote to us that they were most looking forward to just finally being married. She said, "A lot of times the huge escapade of weddings take away from what we're here for. On our wedding day we are so excited to be married and call each other husband and wife." Honestly, Cypress Springs Ranch really ought to be renamed "Surprise" Springs Ranch.  As if a family ranch isn't delightful and comforting enough, Hailey's grandfather has gone and created the most magical world for all of his progeny to enjoy--the ranch is filled with bison, elk, camels, zedonks, kangaroos, ostriches, longhorns, miniature horses, watusi, and more.  There was even a baby alpaca that was new to the ranch this year.  Hailey's grandfather is also known as the chief prank ring-leader -- right after Hailey & Ryan were pronounced husband and wife, her grandfather and some cousins had rigged some tannerite in the canyon to surprise all the guests with its echoey, canon-like boom in celebration. During one of our consultations, I asked Hailey to list her favorite genres of music.  She listed "Disney" as one of the three, and then she promptly confessed that she and her sisters would most likely burst into song and dance over the course of the wedding day.  See why we were looking forward to this so much?   The lodge on the ranch where Hailey got ready for the wedding is the ultimate hunter's oasis --with more taxidermy than Beauty and the Beast's Gaston could ever hope to find.  (Sing it with me: "I use antlers in all of my decorating...")  The bride wore sparkling Prada sandals for the wedding ceremony, and custom-monogrammed leather boots that also featured the wedding date on the side straps and said "Texas Fight" across the back. Their dog, Ranger, was the official ring bearer (look at that sweet face).  He wore a properly-dapper American Flag bow-tie, as any classy dog would, and he was escorted down the aisle by several young "cadets" in camo dinner jackets. At the end of the reception, guests gathered outside the tent for a surprise round of fireworks, and a live fire-dance performance.   Guests called out to Ryan, "kiss your bride! Kiss your bride!" as the fireworks echoed overhead. The proposal story: On Saturday September 28, 2013, Hailey and Ryan were planning on going sky diving in Skiatook, OK.  This was Ryan's graduation gift for Hailey from her MBA.  Little did Hailey know, Ryan had plans to propose after they landed on the ground from jumping out of the plane.  However, sky diving was canceled due to rain, so Ryan had to think quickly and revert to Plan B, because family and friends were waiting for them both at his parents' house. He convinced Hailey to go with him under the guise that they "needed to stop by his parents to pick up fair tickets," and as they were walking into the house, he stopped her before the door and got down on one knee.  It was not the engagement he planned on, but it was the perfect one in her eyes.   Family and friends were waiting inside, including Hailey's two best friends (Brooke Watson and Megan Moran) from Austin who Ryan had flown in for the occasion.  The rest of the day was spent celebrating and being with the ones they love. Ceremony & Reception Venue: Private Estate in Kerrville, TX Event Design, Florist, & Day/Reception Coordinator: Tricia Hamil, Viridian Design Ceremony Coordinator: Sherry Wright Wedding Photographer:  Brooke Schwab Photography Photo Booth: Smilebooth Lighting: Ilios Caterer: Don Strange of Texas Reception Band: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (from DFW) with Absolute Entertainment Lounge/Decor Rentals: Aztec Bride's Shoes: Prada Musical track licensed through The Music Bed

Lubbock Wedding || In Joy and In Sorrow || Kelcee + Andrew, the full film

Kelcee and Andrew are the kind of people who are known for "bringing spice" to everyone's lives.  They are smiling adventurers who delight in their friends; they are never short of being entertaining, and they are reliable allies.  Their West Texas wedding is filled with the kind of fun details that, while not common, are consistent with the cutest of weddings -- they had a University of Texas "track-and-field" themed groom's cake, quirky photo-booth props, a buffet with southern delights like pickled okra, a surprise choreographed mother-son dance, and a whole troupe of adorable flower girls accompanied by one tuxedo-clad, flag-waving ring bearer.    What might surprise you about their story is the sheer strength of their love, because while Kelcee and Andrew are both bold, witty people, their boldness is matched by their kindness.  In fact, Andrew's mother Sharon stood in front of the crowd at the rehearsal dinner, and in her speech, she confessed that several years ago when she found out Andrew was dating someone she didn't know, she "researched" Kelcee among her friends and relatives to find out what this young lady was like.  What she learned of Kelcee's compassion and character was so overwhelming that it caused her to say, "we loved you before we even knew you." Several months ago, Jones was initially contacted by Andrew's mother Sharon to film this event.  We are often contacted by parents, so what made her call unique was that we had already filmed her daughter's wedding a few years ago, and she was now interested in having us film her youngest son Andrew's wedding.  We already consider this job to be an honor and a privilege, but it is truly humbling to be invited into the life of a family repeatedly and see their legacy bloom to the next generation over the years. The weekend began with a hunting-themed rehearsal dinner at Caprock Winery, just outside of Lubbock, TX.  Andrew and his groomsmen had spent the afternoon getting their final fittings for their tuxes, and joined the whole party for the rehearsal at the church.  As guests rushed inside to escape the (unseasonably) wintery West Texas wind,  they found the comforts of a crackling fire, sweet potato soup appetizers, a live guitarist strumming love songs, and wine stored from ceiling to floor.  Their menu included a top tier signature salad with goat cheese coulis, micro field greens, spiced pecans and mandarin oranges with roasted maple syrup, followed by a grilled beef tenderloin with Texas Tech signature sauce and cedar planked salmon garnished with fresh dill and rosemary, roasted potatoes and winter vegetables.  The dinner was capped off with toasts, a molten lava cake, and gifts of boots for all the groomsmen. The surprise wintery weather met the groomsmen on the golf course the next morning, but nothing could squash the men's happy spirits as they played golf and enjoyed one another's company.   Jack-rabbits sprinted in and out of the scramble as the sun melted the frost off of the greens, and the Cash Foundation clubhouse staff was quick to deliver coffee and hot chocolate to keep the group warm. Kelcee, on the other hand, spent her morning getting ready at the church. Amidst the bridesmaids in gold dresses and flower girls learning how to use their petal wands (see the video, it's pretty cute!), Andrew's mother and father had a special gift they presented to their new daughter-in-law: a bracelet with heirloom gold and jewels from Andrew's family heritage. The jewels were set in a cross charm that was modeled after the cross that stands on the altar at the church where the ceremony was happening.  They had done the same thing for their eldest daughter, Elizabeth, and for their second son's wife, too.   This bracelet and many other details were specifically chosen to honor their loved ones and friends who had passed away.   The groomsmen each wore a special lapel pin in remembrance of Kelcee's brother who had died when Kelcee was young from a congenital heart defect, and Kelcee also gave Andrew a special pocket-watch and coin to honor one of Andrew's close friends who had passed away.  Andrew and Kelcee shared with us that this was how they chose to represent that even though these special people couldn't be at the wedding, their love for them was very present and very real.    Kelcee & Andrew's story of how they have cherished & supported each other by giving honor to their loved ones who have passed away is affirmation of the power of love.  In their wedding vows, they promised to support each other in joy and in sorrow, and in many ways, they already have.  Their love is a strong reminder to us all that grief and loss can be comforted with compassion, and that life is fullest when we live purposefully, taking every opportunity to share joy, tenderness, and affection with each other in a close-knit community.   Ceremony Venue:  First United Methodist Church Lubbock1411 Broadway  Lubbock, TX 79401Rehearsal Dinner Venue: CapRock Winery408 E Woodrow Rd  Lubbock, TX 79423Reception Venue: The Historic Baker Building1211 13th St  Lubbock, TX 79401Florist: Box of Rain FloralReception Entertainment Band: The AtlanticsPhotography: Helen ByrdWedding Videographer: Mason Jar Films p.s. join us on facebook! We'd love to hear from you.    

We’ve been featured! Wedding Video Press Coverage

We are excited to announce that we were recently featured on love24FPS, a leading style blog that features the best of wedding filmmaking in the industry.   The story the editors selected to feature was the sneak peek we put together to introduce Kacy & Jason's film.  Of course, they were as smitten by Kacy & Jason's personalities as we were, and they gushed about it in their coverage of the film, saying,  "it’s hard to take your eyes off the screen because you know this couple is going to be worth watching." ...and we agree!  When we first heard from Jason about filming his wedding to Kacy, we were enamored with their passion for our craft and for one another.  This bold groom held our attention with stories about his proposal in a hot air balloon, how zebras would be wandering the grounds at their wedding reception, how he drives a Tesla, works for the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and with stories of how much he loves his bride, Kacy.    You can read our full post about their wedding and watch their wedding video in its entirety here. Wedding Vendor Details: Ceremony: First United Methodist Missouri City3900 Lexington Blvd  Missouri City, TX 77459Reception: Safari Texas Ranch11627 FM 1464 Rd  Richmond, TX 77407Photographer: Daniel ColvinVideographer: Mason Jar FilmsFlorist: Floriography; Ines NegrinDJ: Johnny BravoGetaway Car: TeslaWedding Bands: TiffanyWedding Gifts: Converse & Pandora Soundtrack: “And Then Came A Sudden Validation” by Austin, TX band and national darling, The Quiet CompanyMusical track licensed through The Music Bed  

Safari Texas Ranch || Pucker Up and Let’s Get Married! || Kacy + Jason, the Full Film

Did you know that you can have converse tennis shoes specially personalized by the company?  Kacy took this awesome idea, and she had their wedding date embroidered on the back of a pair of converse sneakers for Jason, and even cooler, she was able to select the shoes in the colors of the wedding!  It was a great idea for a modern gift from a bride to a groom.  In our introduction to Kacy and Jason's story,  we talked about their proposal, and here, we are sharing their full film. Enjoy. "Most importantly, I want to thank you for marrying me. You make me feel like the luckiest person on this earth, and I thank you for that."    Although we only spend a day (or a few days) filming a wedding, these stories of love become deeply etched on our hearts.  The many hours we spend as a team at Mason Jar Flms discussing what we've filmed and the time we spend editing and weaving together the story are almost like a meditation on the core values of marriage.  Kacy and Jason's story is no exception: Watching their wedding film is a reminder of that when you love someone, the sky's the limit for how far you'll go to let them know it (literally--Jason proposed in a hot air balloon). Their story is a reminder that heritage and tradition are most meaningful when shared by people who treasure their community (Kacy's garter was worn by every woman in her family over the past 50 years on their own wedding days).   Their affection is a reminder that those who share love always delight in seeing each other blossom in their own personal pursuits and hobbies (Kacy is a NICU respiratory therapist, and Jason teaches both music and robotics).  And lastly, no matter how surprisingly your story may begin, it does not compare to the surprises that await you in your future together.   The exterior of First United Methodist Church, where the ceremony took place.  The interior is a combination of modern architecture with key classical components, like ornate stained glass windows, and carved wooden pews. The reception site at Safari Texas hosts plenty of wild animals for guests to enjoy viewing during cocktail hour, and among its many dance halls and party rooms, Kacy and Jason chose this beautiful rustic lodge for their wedding reception, with string lights, branches, and rustic iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Wedding Vendor Details: Ceremony: First United Methodist Missouri City3900 Lexington Blvd  Missouri City, TX 77459Reception: Safari Texas Ranch11627 FM 1464 Rd  Richmond, TX 77407 Photographer: Daniel Colvin Videographer: Mason Jar Films Florist: Floriography; Ines Negrin DJ: Johnny Bravo Wedding Bands: Tiffany Wedding Gifts: Converse & Pandora Soundtrack: "And Then Came A Sudden Validation" by Austin, TX band and national darling, The Quiet CompanyMusical track licensed through The Music Bed  

Safari Texas || Pucker Up and Let's Get Married! || Kacy + Jason, the preview

 "Are you nervous?" they asked each other as they exchanged wedding gifts around a corner just before the wedding ceremony. Their hands were a little shaky, but Kacy and Jason were all grins.  As the sound of the boys' choir practicing their performance echoed through the halls of the church, Kacy and Jason began their journey through a day that they had been looking forward to for many months.  Jason opened his gift--a pair of custom converse shoes--and Kacy opened hers--a pandora bracelet, with a hot air balloon charm that symbolizes an earlier part of their story--the proposal.  Here's the sneak peek of their wedding video that we're currently crafting: Jason is a musician who also happens to drive a Tesla and teach robotics at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and Kacy is a Texas A&M graduate (whoop!) with an independent, committed, and kind personality.  We had been looking forward to filming this wedding since we first heard from Jason, the groom.  Not only is he a model of a thoughtful groom who has diverse hobbies and a hilarious personality (love the comic timing on that speech!), but he's also got a keen understanding of filmmaking aesthetics.  From the moment he started talking to us about the artistic qualities he envisioned for his wedding film, we knew we'd have a blast putting one together for this precious couple. During Kacy's preparation for the wedding day, her ring bearer and flower girl wandered about the bridal room at the church while the adults cheerily sang them songs.  Her bridesmaids joked and exchanged stories.  The atmosphere was  relaxed and intimate as her aunts gathered around to admire the dress as the last few buttons were being fastened.  Here are some screen-shots from the video: "Get that dress on, pucker up, and let's get married!" -from Jason's note to Kacy     The reception was held in the rustic Safari Lodge, whose patio and gazebo rest on the edge of a pond that overlooks fields filled with wild animals, including zebras and peacocks.  Guests were able to stroll past this field as they entered the lodge for cocktail hour, where Kacy and Jason had an assorted Tex-Mex buffet and DJ Johnny Bravo from Houston to keep the music pumping. I love the little dots of icing scattered across the lines on the cake tiers of this groom's cake.  They remind me a little of sheet music--like small notes & a melody, even without staff marks. The getaway car--a TESLA.   Did you know that you can have Chuck Taylor shoes customized?  If you're a huge fan of the classic converse shoe, you'll love what Kacy put together for her wedding day present for Jason, her groom.  She had a special pair of the spunky sneakers embroidered with their wedding date, and Jason was so pumped to wear them for the wedding reception that he busted out some amazing dance moves: And--you guys---the dancing just didn't stop.  This crowd was so fun, we were sorry to see the night end.  All generations crowded the dance floor with their smiles and fearless dance moves. We loved so many things about this wedding, but as we were driving home to Austin on Sunday, the thing that kept coming back to our minds were the beautiful and hilarious toasts from the Father of the Bride, the Matron of Honor, the Best Man, and the groom himself.  Each speech was filled to the brim with hilarity and respect. Humor, honor, love.  This is what makes a wedding special, and it is what makes a life together wonderful.   Wedding Details: Ceremony: First United Methodist Missouri City3900 Lexington Blvd  Missouri City, TX 77459Reception: Safari Texas Ranch11627 FM 1464 Rd  Richmond, TX 77407 Photographer: Daniel Colvin Videographer: Mason Jar Films Florist: Floriography; Ines Negrin DJ: Johnny Bravo Wedding Bands: Tiffany Wedding Gifts: Converse & Pandora Soundtrack: "And Then Came A Sudden Validation" by Austin, TX band and national darling, The Quiet CompanyMusical track licensed through The Music Bed

First United Methodist Church Lubbock || Keep Her! || Kelcee + Andrew, the preview

Every father is probably nervous about the moment he'll meet the young man who wants to marry his daughter.   At Kelcee and Andrew's rehearsal dinner, we were treated to the story of the moment that Kelcee's dad met Andrew for the first time: Kelcee & Andrew met after Andrew graduated from college, and we were thrilled to film their wedding video in West Texas recently.  We had already filmed the wedding of Andrew's older sister Elizabeth several years ago, and when Andrew's mother contacted us about filming her youngest son's wedding weekend, we were so thrilled.  First, it is an honor to be brought back to film more than one event for a family, but secondly, the Webb family is a treasure, and they have great stories worth keeping! Under the West Texas skies, the two families gathered to celebrate  with a rehearsal dinner at the rustic CapRock Winery, where its historic-looking architecture and interior hall with barrel-lined walls echoed with laughter and well-wishes long into the night.  As the staff sauteed up a raspberry sauce to top small chocolate dessert cakes and vanilla icecream, Andrew's siblings told stories of his adventurousness and wild tricks from growing up.  Kelcee's family spoke of both her open heart and her determination to serve others through the profession of nursing, just as nurses had been such a comfort to her own family when she was young and they lost her younger brother.   In fact, Kelcee's reputation for compassion so strongly preceded her that the groom's mother told Kelcee, "see, we loved you before we even knew you." The next day, the groom and his groomsmen began the day with a round of golf, and the girls got ready at the church.   Andrew's friends and groomsmen got a special surprise at the reception--because Andrew ran track while studying at University of Texas, his groom's cake was made as an almost exact photo-replica of the track field at the Texas college. The gothic limestone features and ornate stained glass windows were a perfect setting for the event, and Andrew's mother drew her inspiration from the church for a special gift she had made for the bride.  Andrew's family has a tradition of gifting a unique piece of jewelry to each bride in their family and that marries into it--a cross bracelet that reflects the style of their wedding.  The cross on Kelcee's bracelet was designed to look just like the cross that sits in the sanctuary at First United Methodist. Ceremony Venue:  First United Methodist Church Lubbock1411 Broadway  Lubbock, TX 79401Rehearsal Dinner Venue: CapRock Winery408 E Woodrow Rd  Lubbock, TX 79423Reception Venue: The Historic Baker Building1211 13th St  Lubbock, TX 79401Florist: Box of Rain FloralReception Entertainment Band: The AtlanticsPhotography: Helen ByrdWedding Videographer: Mason Jar Films p.s. join us on facebook! We'd love to hear from you.    

The South Warehouse | Nascar + Casablanca – Callie + Reid, Part 3 of 3: the full film

Peyton Manning.  Alligators.  The Michelin Man.  An accountant with an alter-ego as a wrestler.  A Mid-drift wearing Pink Power Ranger.  A skit set to the Sound of Music.  Southern Gentlemen in White Tie dress code.  The Gossip Girl “100 button” Vera Wang wedding dress.  Jackie Kennedy’s wallpaper.  A Bacon buffet filled with bacon delicacies.  A party band with a stamp of approval from Donald Trump. Why aren’t you watching this film yet? You’ve just watched the full film from Callie & Reid’s entire wedding documentary. Their documentary includes coverage of both their exquisite rehearsal dinner banquet and their wedding extravaganza the next day.  If you haven’t read our first post about this lovely couple, you should definitely get acquainted with them here, and watch the highlight film we created for them here. The weekend began with an elegant banquet designed by Wendy Putt of Fresh cut Catering and Floral with silver candelabras, succulents as table placecards, and soft dusty roses set in gold vases.  The chargers were crystal and lined with gold rims.  It was certainly a treat for the eyes, but even more goodness was to come as we sat down to listen to the toasts delivered by Callie and Reid's witty and loving families.  We knew we were in for a treat as soon as we walked in the door of the rehearsal dinner.   With the decadent display of flowers, curly willow, and string lights hanging from the ceiling over the main banquet table and the goofy pictures of the bridal party hanging on the wall, we knew we were going to be experiencing a weekend festivity hosted by a family with both a bold style and personality.  The dashing groom and gorgeous bride lead their merry party in some zany poses with moustaches and red lips. Callie's bridesmaids planned a really funny shoe game where the bridesmaids asked questions like "who will be the one to take out the trash?"  Callie and Reid had to answer by holding up the shoe that best fit either the bride or groom. Although plenty of stories were told claiming that Callie was a tomboy growing up, her grandfather exclaimed "you can tell she's a girl now!" as he boasted about her beauty.   We can't get enough of this family, their humor, and this couple's passion to honor their family and friends.   We are so excited to be sharing this film, but we are sad to be closing the project down on our computers, because every minute of this edit is just so rich with love. Callie and Reid, we truly wish you the best in life.  Many people would be blessed to experience the love that you have and the family that you two share.  We hope to hear some more of your funny stories in person again someday soon. -kourtney amelia     Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church Jackson Reception: Country Club of Jackson Rehearsal Dinner: The South Event Design: Wendy Putt of Fresh Cut Catering and Floral Event Coordinator: Crisler Boone Event Styling: Shanna Lumpkin Events Photographer Bryan Johnson Reception Band: Party On The Moon  

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