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Laguna Gloria Romantic Wedding /// #nobodyelskesbutyou /// Marianna + Jimmy, the memory tin

Today we have another beautiful celebration to share.  It is a story where "love" is the very name of the couple, and it is a story where the acts of love echo through each generation, from grandparent, to parent, to child. Our favorite detail of the couple's story was perhaps the hardest to even see--a delicate charm that hung from the bride's bouquet.  The charm's history was very unique, and almost prophetic:  Before Marianna was even born, her grandfather gave her mother a charm each year that says "I love you" on it, and each year the phrase was etched in a different language.   The reason Marianna carried this particular charm on her wedding data is because it said "I Love You" in Swedish, which happens to be the exact last name of her groom, Jimmy. Jimmy, that's why there's #NobodyELSKESbutYou for Marianna! :) Music by Holly Maher and Lights + Motion, licensed through The air was fragrant with raindrops as the day unfolded across the foothills of Austin.  Beginning in the bride's childhood home, we next traveled to the wedding ceremony that was occurring in the same sanctuary where the parents of the bride were married. The evening finished with a short burst of sunshine at sunset over Marianna & Jimmy's black-tie garden reception, where the Tuscan-style villa was surrounded by a sprinkle of seashells, macaroons, and exotic taxidermy.  Guests were greeted at cocktail hour by a cheerful mariachi band.  The menus and other portions of the paper suite from the wedding were hand-painted by Marianna's mother, who is a watercolor artist. In these ways, the wedding of Marianna and Jimmy was truly like a journey home.  Shakespeare wrote that "that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet." Marianna and Jimmy, even if your last name didn't translate to the word "love," we know it is who you are because of the joy we have witnessed between the two of you.   We wish you all the best life has to offer! Reception Venue:  Laguna Gloria Officiant:  Charlie Cook Event Planning:  Brock + Co. Events Photographer:  Jennifer Lindberg Weddings Caterer:  Don Strange Cake:  Simon Lee Bakery Florist:  Westbank Floral Rentals:  Marquee, Swift + Co., + Luxe Event Decor Raj Tent:  Luxe Event Decor Additional Tents:  Marquee Lighting:  FILO Band:  Ice House Mariachi band:  Las Altenas Ceremony Music:  Barton Strings Hair:  Laura Wyrtzen Makeup:  Face Kandy Cigar Rollers:  Bobalu Afterparty music:  DJ M Calligraphy:  Mint + Maple

Escondido Golf and Lake Club | "High Expectations" – Lindsay + Steven, the full film

If I could sum up Lindsey and Steven's wedding video in one word, that word would be "adoration."  Every moment is filled with meaningful facial expressions and stories that show how much this group adores each other.   Those moments of sincerity--as Lindsay's mom talks about picking out her dress, as her father gives a speech expressing hope, and as Steven beams with smiles during the first dance--those moments are filled with pure love. Jones and I happily packed up our gear to head out to Lindsay & Steven's wedding at the gorgeous Escondido Golf and Lake Club.  It's becoming a truly special place that has housed some of our favorite events---including the weddings of Sidni & Jay,   Laura and Marcus and Whitney & Geoff.  (all of those wedding films still make me cry when I watch them!) You know you're going to have a good day of filming when you walk into a bridal prep room and the bridesmaids are singing showtunes from the Glee soundtrack.  I knew from the moment we walked in the door that these girls like to have fun and make each other laugh.  As the girls finished getting ready in their navy lace & peplum bridesmaid's dresses, Lindsay's mom pulled us aside to share the story of the wedding dress search for the film.  She had picked out and found Lindsay's wedding dress, and Lindsay loved it!  And, funnily enough, Lindsay had also picked out a dress for her mother that she loved.   Anyone who knows much of anything about women will know that is the mark of a mother and daughter who know each other's tastes very well! Not many of our films have cameo appearances made by a dinosaur.  In fact, only this one does.  Apparently, one of the bridesmaid's young daughters was a little distraught to not be along for the day with her mother, and so the entire group of bridesmaids were consoling her by taking her plastic toy dinosaur on an adventure, and texting pictures back all day long.  Like the gnome in the movie Amelie, P. Rex had quite an adventure at Lindsay and Steven's event, but you'll have to watch the film to find out what he was up to before the wedding. Steven's family and friends had quite an adventure themselves, too.  Traveling all the way from Canada, many of them experienced Texas for the first time, and I'm glad that Austin and the hill country where Escondido rests was their first taste of Texas. Escondido is gorgeous, in rain or sunshine, and we definitely had both on the wedding day!  Lindsay wore a stunning beaded lace wedding gown with a scalloped edging, and her cathedral length veil had lace trim as well.  Her 'something old' and 'something borrowed' was the same item--a gorgeous bracelet that her father had given to her mother.   As the party carried into the night, fresh cigars were being hand-rolled right there on site next to a toasty fire pit on the back porch.  Guests who weren't dancing out on the dance floor set up on the golf green could relax in the rocking chairs surrounding the fire. While their wedding cake was very classical, with tiers of white scrollwork and blue ribbon, Lindsay & Steven also had a pretty unique groom's cake.  It was topped by two little elephants leaning back and enjoying margaritas in a tropical paradise.  Well, let's be honest, what little elephant wouldn't enjoy living on an island made of of chocolate-covered strawberries?   The song we selected to end their film is definitely a favorite of mine--called "Fly On" by Humming House, it reminds me of Mumford and Sons with its soaring melody, folksy instrumentation, driving drum beat, and echoing chorus of singers that gives the song a bigger feel.  The father of the bride ended his toast by talking about all of the people that would be there to support Lindsay and Steven, and I felt like this song both reflected that community of hopeful people, and it also fit the style of their first dance during the wedding reception. Lastly, It was only fitting that a wedding day filled with showtunes, panoramic views of the hill country, dinosaurs, live string players, and rocking out under the stars would end with a bang--specifically, fireworks! As Lindsay and Steven drove their getaway golf cart through a sea of friends holding sparklers, Lindsay's dad had one last surprise set up for them--the driveway was lined with pyrotechnics that made everyone ooh and ahh.  What a great way to end a party, and to start a new family!  Congrats to Lindsay and Steven! -kourtney amelia   Event Design & Coordination: DFW EventsReception: Escondido Golf And Lake Club Chargers: POSH Couture Rentals Officiant: Father Ruben Patino Musicians: Dallas String Quartet Soloist: Addison Myrick (who also happens to be a local ATX photographer) Photographer: Jennifer Lindberg Weddings Videographer: Mason Jar Films Band: Suede Austin Florist: Petal Pushers Lighting: Groove Labs Cakes: The Cake Plate Hair and Make-up: Rae Cosmetics Cigar Roller: BOBALU CIGAR COMPANY Whiskey Tasting: Rebecca Creek Whiskey Music by Humming House  Licensed through The Music Bed

Dallas Union Station || The Gift of Another Sister || Ann + Andrew, the full film

The opening shots of this film really highlight the beauty of First United Methodist Church Dallas.  Nestled into the heart of urbanite downtown Dallas,  The bell-filled steeple juts into the skyline with gothic-influenced mini-spires at each corner.   Inside, the green and golden stained glass windows create a warm glow for the golden organ that fills the entire sanctuary. This is where Ann and Andrew chose to have their wedding ceremony.   While Jones had communicated with the couple before the wedding, I met Ann just as she was putting the finishing touches on her gown and jewelry.   Although she was calm and quiet while she put her earrings on in just the company of her mother, her hilarious personality immediately peeked through as she paraded out into the room where her bridesmaids sat.  They began to cheer as they saw her in her wedding gown for the first time, and Ann, without missing a beat, began to smile and wave like a debutant or queen, graciously greeting each one of them in an imaginary parade right there in the room.  It was so funny.  From that moment I knew that while that night would be emotional (as all weddings are), it would also be an evening filled with humor, kindness,  and the kind of family goofiness that makes kids say "ta-dah!" when they show their parents what they've done. If you didn't read our post with Ann & Andrew's preview, you need to know how the couple met.  In college, Ann became best friends with Andrew's sister, and everytime Andrew's sister would return home from the dorms she told her brother, "you have to meet my new friend, she is just like you."  What a fairy-tale, to have a best friend become your family member.  While the night was filled with cheerful toasts, and hilarious dance moves, certain moments really stick out in my mind: Andrew's brother gave a toast thanking Andrew for bringing Ann into their lives, bringing "the gift of another sister." Ann and Andrew had a surprise birthday cake for Ann's mom, and had the entire crowd sing happy birthday to her! Ann's dad not only blessed Andrew as a part of their family, but he told Ann that no one could have ever been a better daughter than what she'd been. ...and that, my dear friends and readers, is why we love making wedding films.  These are the moments of  your life, carefully captured and lovingly pressed for you into an artistic video, so that you can enjoy those looks, the sounds, and the kindest words from your dearest loved ones over and over and over again. Ann & Andrew, it was truly a treat to watch your family enjoy themselves on such an important day.  Thanks for choosing us as your dallas wedding videographer! -kourtney amelia   Ceremony: First United Methodist Church, DallasReception: Union StationEvent Planner: Caroline Fair, Caroline EventsPhotographer: Lauren LarsenReception Entertainment: Professor DFloral: Garden GateCake: Jackie SprattDress: Stanley KorshakLighting: Beyond     

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