Super8 – the preferred choice of the truly vintage bride

   While most Austin wedding photographers and videographers create their imagery in a digital format, very few of these artists are purists and use the time-honored art of shooting on actual, physical film for weddings.  

Although we love the freedom that technology grants us (like the ability to create same-day edits of weddings and events), we also have a long history of being voted one of the top  event-filmmakers in the world, partially because of our commitment to the craft of film.

    Brides who choose super 8 film are making a specific, stylistic choice that goes beyond just choosing to have a wedding video.  The look of film can reflect the design of an event.  It has a nostalgic, grainy look, which lends itself towards vintage, rustic weddings and ceremonies that take place in historic venues and locations.  Whether we film on super8, 8mm, or 16mm, this couple will receive a movie that is visually an artistic representation of the emotions experienced onscreen.  

Mixed Format (HD + super 8):

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