Preserve Your Experience.

Your wedding video should reflect the rich experience of love and laughter that is a celebration of your relationship.  Each film we produce follows our signature story-telling style: designed to help you remember not just the way things looked, but they way they sounded and felt.  When you watch your cinematic documentary, it will help you to recall the joy of the wedding for all those who attended, and it will also preserve the experience for new generations to come.

Simply select the edited length of film that you prefer, and trust our experienced team to do the rest.  We listen to you as we capture the things that matter most in your final edited product.

Want a more vintage feel for your film? Let us know if 8mm films would be right for you.

a highlight video that instantly satisfies
3-5 minutes
HD digital
delivered before you leave your wedding reception; screened privately to you as a couple, or publicly to all of your guests
Memory Tin
a short, sweet reminder of what's most important
6-8 minutes
HD digital
delivered in 1 month
a treasure to savor moments big and small
12-14 minutes
HD digital
delivered in 2 months


a robust, full-bodied film that spares no detail
18-25 minutes
HD digital
delivered in 3 months


a nostalgic reflection of your wedding captured by the dreamy vintage warmth of real 8mm film
10-20 minutes
Super 8mm Film
delivered in 3 months

“Hands down, it was the best thing

we spent money on at the wedding.

I tell everyone that.”

–Mr. Y, father of the bride,  2010

Mason Jar Films: custom wedding videos that tell real stories. Hand-crafted by award-winning team in Austin, TX