Meet The Team

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With more than 20 years combined experience, the Mason Jar Films team is made up of efficient, experienced documentary producers with a ninja-like skill for cinematography and the intuition to know what matters most for your story.

Our passion for each of our own family heritages and tight-knit communities of deep friendships is what drives us to create authentic films for our clients. We know what it means for you to value the beauty of your homestead, an heirloom, or something new — we know you value it because of the love and people that those objects represent. Real love stories are better than fiction.

Behind the scenes at Mason Jar Films, Chris P. Jones is who you’ll talk to when you pick up the phone to call us. Commonly called “Jones,” this adventurer and entrepreneur has always had a deep-rooted love for things that take his heart back home –- including movies shot on 8mm and 16mm film. He developed a passion for documentary work on his first trip to Africa, and he’s been weaving together stories since then. Known for his efficiency and demure wit, you’ll want to have him around to work on your film because he also has an eye that can find the root emotion of a story in any moment. He’s also mentored other filmmakers for several years through an educational organization he co-founded called In[Focus] Video Events. His work has been industry recognized and awarded by The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and EventDV as leading one of the hottest and most influential studios in the world several times.

Jones currently resides in Austin, where you can find him advocating for a simple life, watching documentaries and attending festivals, and enjoying his creative wife Beka”s cooking.

Married: 2012 on the beach

Jones recruited Kourtney Amelia as a cinematographer when she was a college film student, and throughout her career as a producer in Dallas, she kept working for Jones as often as she could –- eventually training as an editor & following his story-telling techniques.

Her previous productions have been distributed in book stores, online, and she’s worked as an Art Director for several award-winning independent films. After producing a documentary about poverty in Haiti, Kourtney Amelia was also amazed by the power of telling true life stories, and so she happily transitioned to full time work with Mason Jar.

Her mind is always incubating an art project, and since working for Mason Jar full time, Kourt has had to make some hefty investments in tissue boxes for her office desk from all the happy tears she cries while editing. As a musician herself, she meticulously researches and selects each soundtrack song for films with great care.

Kourtney Amelia currently resides in Austin, where you can catch her painting down at the greenbelt with her husband, listening to live music, or constantly being entertained by the antics of their dog, Gizmo.

Married: 2007 in a historic movie theater

Mason Jar Films: custom wedding videos that tell real stories. Hand-crafted by award-winning team in Austin, TX