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Austin Baby Film at the Wild Onion Ranch: The First B-day

Our time of documenting Ella's first year of life has come to a close. Or, you could say, it has ended with a bang! Ella had her Winter Wonderland birthday party at the Wild Onion Ranch, and the Wild Onion girls hand-created most of the decor themselves.  Not that that surprises us. :->  Style runs through the acquifer out there.  Yes, those snow-flaked trees are Wild Onion grown. 2Dine4 prepared an elaborate feast, and Ella, while hesitant at first, took no mercy on her birthday cake. Then, everyone gathered around the tele to view the full length of Ella's one year documentary.  Laugh...cry...cheer: photo courtesy of Heather Banks - Eclectic Images Photography   photo courtesy of Heather Banks - Eclectic Images Photography As usual, Heather Banks was on hand to photograph the occasion (all of these snaps are courtesy of her: Eclectic Images).  You can see her photos from the event by clicking here, and check out her family session with Mandi, Shaun, and Ella by clicking here. To the Harris and Edgerton clans, thank you so much for having us along for all the special moments of the past year.  As Ella has grown and learned about life, we have as well.  

Inside Out Day: Ella at 9 months

Ella's first birthday is rapidly approaching, but in the meantime, we are excited to share with you some scenes of her enjoying Hawaii during the time spent there for her Aunt Anna Kate's wedding. In Hawaii, Ella had her inside out day, meaning that she had official crossed over to spending more time outside of the womb than she had inside. When I filmed on the beach, Ella had been giving her parents some 'tude.  But when she saw the camera pop out, she put on the charm.  Ella knows when she needs to make the best impression. Ella, who can say no to you.  See you soon to celebrate your "Winter Wonderland" themed first b-day party. jones

Ella at 6.5 Months

Ella is growing, swimming, climbing, rolling, and generally being the cutest little thing you've ever seen. Kourtney put together this wonderful edit. jones

Ella at 3 months

Ella’s First Day at Home

Baby Ella, Awaiting Arrival

Baby Ella is almost here, so here is part II in this 8 or 9 part series on the first year of her life. If you haven't watched part I, the shower, then click here to do so.

Come, Ella, Come

Ok, this is some new and exciting stuff! Here at the Mason Jar, we're starting to document the first year of a babies' lives - not just taking cute shots, but tracking the experience of parenthood (and grandparenthood), too. Over the next year, we will be following the soon-to-be-arriving Ella Harris.  Ella comes from a very special family - Mandi (Edgerton) and Shaun Harris, whose wedding we shot 4 years back.  We've formed a close knit bond with the Edgerton/Harris family, and are always delighted to spend time with them documenting their fascinating lives.  They aren't afraid to wear their love for one another on their sleeves, and it makes for wonderful motion picture inspiration! Sarah, Mandi's mother, also isn't afraid to throw a magnificent party.  If you ever get invited to one, do yourself a favor and cancel all other plans you might have.  Her ability to design and execute a theme are second to none, and it's a wonder she's not an internationally reknown event planner.  Watch the video above - that's her doing - she never ceases to amaze.She is the mastermind behind The Wild Onion Ranch, a premiere event location in Austin.  If you are looking for an elegant and intimate location to have a corporate event, baby shower, wedding, or any other party, look no further than the venue featured in the video above!But I digress. :->  Needless to say, we're very excited to be invited into these intimate times for this family, and we look forward to getting to know little Ella as she makes her grand entrance into this world in 2010!See you on down that road,jones

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